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LAVA NIWeek T-Shirt Design Contest

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For the first time we are having a LAVA T-Shirt design contest. The winning design will be used on the LAVA store for people to purchase them for NIWeek 2008. The only few requirements are that this year's T-shirt will be black so that any graphics you use must look good over a black background. For example, no black letters, etc. You can make it themed so that it ties into NIWeek 2008 if you want but this is not a requirement. It's super easy to submit your entry. Just attach an image to this thread you are currently reading. That's it. LAVA will take care of the rest. You can submit as many designs as you wish.

The contest ends the night of Sat. May 17th. So hurry, you only have 2 weeks!

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Here's another partial idea I had. I downloaded the avatars of the top 60 LAVA posters (or rather, the 33/60 of them that have avatars -- thank Dog for wget) and started to arrange them inside the LAVA logo. I got as far as this and decided it was worth uploading as a proof of concept. This could be a portion of the shirt design as a whole. At the very least I would need to get the right font (or a clean source image) of the real LAVA logo to make it look right....



P.S. If anybody wants them I'll be glad to send you the avatar jpgs and/or my source file (I use the GIMP, but we can convert to Photoshop if necessary).

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QUOTE (Yen @ May 5 2008, 11:03 AM)

Great idea, although I'm not seeing Elmer anywhere. :nono:

Yeah, I realized about an hour ago that my script was assuming all the avatars are JPGs :oops: . Some are PNGs (like yours) or GIFs (like Jim's).

So if you see some missing, that's almost certainly why. If I go any further with this, I'll pay more attention to making sure I have the images I think I have.

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QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ May 6 2008, 12:49 PM)

I'm surprised that I've never seen any art that combines "dataflow" with "LAVA". I've done several pieces for NI presentations that are LV primitives in rivers. Seems like G code flowing down the side of a volcano would be a natural graphic for LAVA.

You're volunteering? ;)

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QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ May 6 2008, 09:49 AM)

http://lavag.org/old_files/monthly_05_2008/post-1519-1210170906.gif' target="_blank">post-1519-1210170906.gif?width=400

That sounds awesome. I don't have the time to put the primitives and OpenG icons on there (I have a Diadem class to get to), but I can just picture it with "Some like their dataflow HOT" written underneath.

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QUOTE (Justin Goeres @ May 5 2008, 08:18 AM)

Cool idea, Justin! :thumbup:

Perhaps a tool like This would help out in this effort... it's free.

I like the volcano idea, although it seems a bit too impersonal for some reason(?). When I think of LAVA I think of a community of professionals coming together to share ideas and experience, which isn't the same thing as rallying around one of the tools that we all have in common. The idea of personalizing and recognizing the community as a whole, while inviting people to be a part of that community, would be awesome in my opinion.

Now a volcano with avatars erupting out of it... hey, why not all of them?

One thing that I would request if this idea goes ahead is to not forget that the "guest avatar" is one of the most important ones:


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QUOTE (crelf @ May 10 2008, 09:12 AM)


Can I replace with avatars?

I don't have access to fancy graphics software but PowerPoint and Paint let me do this. (My old PC was crying durring these edits! ;) ) This includes the top eight contributors Sorry Rolf, I told him to draw ten.)

http://lavag.org/old_files/monthly_05_2008/post-29-1210432690.png' target="_blank">post-29-1210432690.png?width=400

There is also the option that I get my artist to re-do the image but doing characatures of the avatars (Tomi, your avatar will be a challenge).

Maybe a collage of the rest of the avatars in the background?

Could these images be combined with the Volcano image somehow?

I'll gladly supply the original (huge) BMP's to anyone that has better tools for this job.

I'm open to whatever the community thinks.

Just trying to help.


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QUOTE (neB @ May 10 2008, 11:19 AM)

I'm open to whatever the community thinks.

While I think it's a wonderful artistic suggestion, I'd rather not have my avatar on one of those bodies (really - it's just like looking in the mirror! :D ). IMHO, I consider LAVA a community and don't want to be singled out on a t-shirt.

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QUOTE (crelf @ May 10 2008, 11:46 AM)
While I think it's a wonderful artistic suggestion, I'd rather not have my avatar on one of those bodies (really - it's just like looking in the mirror! :D ). IMHO, I consider LAVA a community and don't want to be singled out on a t-shirt. That shouldn't stop you from putting other people's avatars there, I'd just prefer mine not to be one of them is all.
Good point. As a "cast of thousands", the avatars are a good idea. As just a handful, not such a good idea. I withdraw my suggestion.
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