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  2. Well I guess you could pass the reference to each button and the slider individually into the constructor VI without them being in the cluster. You would have to add the references to the QControl class through a manual bundle in the constructor and edit the Event Handler accordingly. If that is the case I would recommend starting a new QControl and inheriting from Slider and then passing in the slider reference as normal. Then pass the references for the buttons as extra inputs with manual bundle. That way each button and slider can be positioned separately.
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  4. Sure, but there are cases like this (vertical "scrollbar" over horizontal "scrollbar", but this works also for the opposite situation): You can "interlace" two XY Graphs and move their "accessory" panels and not have any problems using either one, no matter which one is on top or in the back: It's just something to keep in mind before being bitten late in the development process.
  5. The last straw that made me abandon XControls forever and create the QControl Toolkit was the trouble I was having using XControls with Actor Framework and PPLs. At first I just encountered weird behavior problems, then sporadic crashes, and finally the inability to build the application. With more work and headache I probably could have found workarounds and continued using XControls but it just wasn't worth it.
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  7. True with any controls. Just make sure the z-order makes sense. In your case you probably want the string control in front of the cluster holding the scrollbar, instead of having the string in the cluster with it.
  8. Likewise -- I never heard of it; seems useful.
  9. You can tell the graph that your waveform is offset by using bundle cluster
  10. Unless I am mistaken, the composite control approach of using a cluster will potentially cause problems if such a control happens to be partially overlapping another control (on a VI panel). I tried to "dislocate" the large scrollbar QControl to emulate a moving subcomponent, and put a String control underneath the transparent part of the cluster (separate control) as illustrated below: Sure enough, this String control is inaccessible at runtime. Unless I am missing something, that's a caveat users may want to consider before embarking into complex control design...
  11. Did not know about that function. Nice.
  12. FragRz I have the evaluation version of 2018 , so i looked into the 'User Interaction:Compare VIs XML and it does just what I need .... I will have to wait until we upgrade to utilize it ... Thanks Dan
  13. smithd

    LabVIEW Memes

    I'm not bothered by the size of that guy, I'm bothered that everything is serially executing
  14. i think those variant functions should be a tiny meaningless fraction of the overall execution time. Have you profiled it?
  15. ShaunR

    LabVIEW Memes

    Lol. Bonus points if you have one of those VIs on each virtual desktop. Keep 'em coming.
  16. Hi ! Even now i interface an oscilloscope virtualbench with Labview. My trouble is to move the trigger position on my labview vi, whereas it's possible on the regular virtualbench soft. I try to do horizontal offset on my vi, but impossible to view signal before 0. http://www.zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=19/16/m5hr.jpg http://www.zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=19/16/2eli.jpg Thank you
  17. Does anyone have issues with blocking calls when used in parallel processes? I would like to deserialize data in multiple parallel processes, but the "from JSON Text", that in turn calls the "JSON text to Variant" function which uses the NI utilities for determining variant data types. These are set as non-reentrant and as they are protected, there is no way to change that. Am I stuck up poop creek without a paddle here?
  18. Dissapointing. I've managed to work around most of them but the one that prevents me from publishing is that I can't get rid of the xControl making the host VI dirty and requiring saving (a nested xControl). Still. It's OK for my personal use as I can put up with that.
  19. Bob, I just saw your document. WOW! Thank you for contributing that to the community. I'm looking foreward to reading it!
  20. There is a private method called 'User Interaction:Compare VIs XML' which is able to compare VIs and generate an HTML report. I didn't test it too thoroughly but I think it's worth looking at. I currently do not have LabVIEW 2012 and do not know if it is available in this version. Compare_Private_17.vi Compare_Private_12.vi
  21. I don't know of any hooks. That's not the same as saying they don't exist.
  22. No. Not all, and not any. There are some major bugs -- like the circular dependency bug with LV classes* -- but most of the issues people have with XControls are features, intended parts of the design. It's a bad design. Seemed like a good design when it was put together, and it does some things very well, but it's inflexible. When coupled with some of its loading idiosyncracies, it means that a lot of ultra complex XControls just don't work or require arcane code. But the issues are fundamental to how XControls are structured. Fixing them would not be backwardly compatible -- it essentially means rolling a new YControl (or whatever we name it) feature, and that's not on the docket for LV 20xx at this time. If XControls work for you, then they work. If they do not, they don't. I do not expect any shift in this in LV 20xx. * If loading your class loads an XControl into memory then you should take care that loading the XControl does not load the class into memory. Conversely, if loading an XControl causes a class to load into memory then you should take care that loading the class does not load the XControl. If you ever have an XControl that is circularly linked with any class, various forms of doom will come upon you, from random crashes to infinite hangs. It's a known issue with no way to resolve given the design of the XControls (the classes are just fine).
  23. I mostly post these over on Twitter, but here's some LabVIEW memes I've made: LabVIEW Style Checklist: "Size the block diagram window no larger than the screen size." Me: ✅
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