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  2. I hope so. It would be nice to not have to bother with a VM.
  3. I know right? Reality always gets in the way of our perfect plans.
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  5. Aren't customers just the worst? Well...
  6. Unfortunately it does not show the definition of canfd_frame datatype which seems to be the one that is important here. But there is a chance that this is the actual problem. I would expect the 8 bytes in the cluster in your datatype to be the actual CAN data. In that case your cluster is missing the UINT64 timestamp;//us element and if you pass in a big number of frames as lengh parameter this of course will amount to 8 bytes in the message buffer missing for every message element and that on a total message length that is normally 24 byte! That adds up very quickly and will even cause for small number of messages a problem rather sooner than later. Also your CHANNEL_HANDLE and DEVICE_HANDLE are both a pointer so it would be more correct to declare them as Pointer Sized Integer and use a 64 bit Integer on the LabVIEW diagram for it. The way you do it know it will work in LabVIEW 32-bit but it will badly fail if you ever want to move to 64-bit LabVIEW and even if you say now that that won't happen because there is no 64-bit library available either, the day will come where your library provider will give you a library and after you complain that it doesn't load in your software, just will comment: "Who the hell is still using 32-bit software?"
  7. Thanks @Rolf Kalbermatter that makes since now.
  8. JK, surprise customer onsite means I won't be back until Wednesday night (hopefully in time for the dinner).
  9. Thank you for your reply. The attachment is the header file. It should be noted that when the acceptance rate is low, the program can run normally. zlgcan.h
  10. I think it can be useful in cases where you don't need RMR protection and the DVR is part of some sort of data structure that you may have more than one of, making globals not an option or a poorly scaling option.
  11. The LAVA palette itself only installs a Lava icon into the LabVIEW palettes. When you then install Lava libraries (possibly OpenG libraries), they should appear in there.
  12. No that information is generally only available to people outside of NI on a limited "needs to know" base and the decision for that is handled by AEs for simple issues or the product manager for the product in question for more involved issues.
  13. From the look of it I would guess a bug in your zlgcan_wrap.dll or one of the myriads of other DLLs it depends directly or indirectly. Nothing in the LabVIEW diagram looks suspicious from the little information (none) we got from you about this DLL interface! So what is the C declaration of this function and its datatypes and subtypes?
  14. 1700E701 is without the SOF or start of frame for the message. The MSB of the below binary. 1700E701 = 010111000000001110011100000001 3700E701 = 110111000000001110011100000001
  15. Hello, I wonder why my CAN Arb. ID is different when I'm using NI MAX Bus monitor (1700E701) and ncReadNetMult.vi (3700E701). The system is working with extended ID.
  16. The program obtains the number of messages in the hardware buffer through ZCAN_GetReceiveNum function, and then calls ZCAN Receive to complete the received data. When the amount of data reaches 1000 frames / s, the program will crash. UINT ZCAN_Receive(CHANNEL_HANDLE channel_handle, ZCAN_Receive_Data* pReceive, UINT len, INT wait_time = -1); I think there is something wrong with creating the parameter array ZCAN Receive Data* pReceive. Has anyone ever encountered a similar problem? Receive.zip
  17. I just installed the "LAVA Palette" package from JKI VI Package Manager in LabVIEW 2018. I found the LAVA pallet in Addons but it is empty. I tried restarting LabVIEW and uninstalling and reinstalling the package but the pallet is still empty. What should I do?
  18. I am seeing a problem that randomly one of four groups does not get written to the TDMS file. I have buffering on. Has anyone seen this intermittent problem and know how to fix it?
  19. You certainly can do this with LAVA JSON, but I would suggest you use the JSONtext library instead, if possible:
  20. We "upgraded" to Windows 10 version 1903 (from 1803 or 1809, I don't remember) and iperf3 went from ~450 MB/s to ~2 GB/s. Yay! Unfortunately, 1) the IA gods have not deemed 1903 worthy so we're not supposed to even have it installed, 2) there is question of whether this a fix, or something that will disappear in the next version, and 3) ironically, 1903 is causing issues with various types of hardware NICs (not a problem for us -- so far). But, for the moment, we've got something that works. Thanks to all for responses, and thanks to Gribo for suggesting iperf3. It's made it a lot easier to test network throughput. Cat
  21. Many higher-end NICs offer a fetaure called a TCP Offload Engine. These NICs perform much of the processing that takes place on the CPU. That may be the difference here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TCP_offload_engine
  22. Hello, I m having difficulties with Lava JSON API lib. I'm not good at Labview but if you can help me. I don't see a documentation or a small exemple. My REST API return me this kind of string : [ { "id": "Cartographie", "records": [ "20190801-162634" ], "name": "Cartographie", "description": "", "lft": 1, "rght": 2, "tree_id": 3, "level": 0, "parent": null }, { "id": "Cyclage endurance", "records": [ "20190909-140001", "20190703-100000", "20190603-110704" ], "name": "Cyclage endurance", "description": "Some descriptions", "lft": 1, "rght": 2, "tree_id": 4, "level": 0, "parent": null } ] I need to make an array of ids or names. How would you do that easily ?
  23. This is a pretty old version. The newest (not yet released version) can be gotten from here for the moment.
  24. They are just the dialogues indicating what is happening, no user interaction is required. The first dialogue is Package Manager and the next one is all the RTE stuff.
  25. What are the popup dialogs you are seeing? Like the normal ones asking for what software options? Or asking to accept eula? I haven't messed with silently doing things since the the package manager got involved, but the NI installers I've been using have needed "/qb /AcceptLicenses yes /r".
  26. Earlier
  27. I'll be there as well. Since this will officially kick off my vacations, I will not be presenting this year 🙂. I'm eager to sit back, relax, learn and chat with all you guys & gals.
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