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  3. A few more April Fools of the past (and a fake fake one from 2019):
  4. Maps in LabVIEW 2019?
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  6. But surely all of these are slower and more memory wasteful than transposing which simply twiddles the order and offsets of the pointers that are used to index the block of memory in which the array resides?
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  8. If you don't want to use a feedback node, another option is using a local variable (see example below) It sounds like you're trying to process losslessly. If that's the case, you usually need some sort of buffer. In this example, I use the event queue as my buffer.
  9. VITech will bring along this uniquely boxed Raspberry Pi. 😊 Completely ready to run LabVIEW programs out of the box.
  10. Nope. You may want to extend that courtesy but it isn't required for BSD.
  11. Ok, great. I guess we would need Ton's permission if we wanted to set up an online repo - GitHub for instance - for this package, right?
  12. I'm not a HID device expert (Rolfk maybe?), but there seems to be several DLL wrappers to talk to HID devices, but the best solution is to use NI-VISA and talk to it over USB Raw. For this you'll need to make your own INF driver using the NI-VISA Driver Wizard (should be installed with NI-VISA). Then install that driver for your device instead of the one from Microsoft (Device Manager). For this in Windows 8 and newer you'll need to disable driver verification. Then the device shows up in MAX, and the Help >> Find Examples and searching VISA Raw will show some examples. http://www.ni.com/tutorial/4478/en/ https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Nugget-1-of-n-GEtting-started-with-USB-communication-via-VISA/td-p/743518 https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Nugget-2-of-n-USB-Control-transfers-using-VISA/td-p/757011 If you can't or won't use VISA then there are lots of other DLL wrappers but I haven't found one that works as well as VISA with custom driver. http://ahidlib.com/pages/programming_labview.php?lang=en (license needed for full?) https://forums.ni.com/t5/Example-Programs/Windows-API-HID-Functions-Enumeration/ta-p/3513868 https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Confusion-between-HID-and-VISA-communication/m-p/1741390#M610130 https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Need-Example-Code-to-Interface-with-a-USB-HID-compliant-Device/m-p/2763516#M814451 https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/How-to-configure-the-call-library-function-using-a-dll-for-HID/m-p/2757194#M813218 https://www-user.tu-chemnitz.de/~heha/mb-iwp/Durchflussmesser/
  13. It is open source. It is licensed under BSD, which in layman's terms means you can use it for personal or commercial use, and various attributes must remain in the source, and you can't sue the author (I am not a lawyer). I think the installed location is <user.lib>\_LAVA\VariantProbe
  14. My only other issue is, I am triggering my Latch reset with a falling edge trigger. The clock that is running the latch is only running at the speed of a while loop. It is causing me to miss the falling edge sometimes. Do you have any suggestions Thanks Setting the Feedback node like this to false did not work I need to find a way to guarantee it
  15. With A slight modification you can get the intended result: horizontal concenate.vi
  16. Hi there, Thanks So when i wrote the VI i notices it automatically populated a feedback node If i tried to delete it , i could not compile. So the feedback node is my answer but need to understand how to use it. I know my Q output to initialize to false and my Q not to be high I will read the link you sent me. Thank you
  17. Initialization behavior is well defined in the settings of the feedback node. https://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361L-01/lvconcepts/block_diagram_feedback/ I'm not sure what you mean by force. Are you trying to make it into a d latch?
  18. shoneill

    Game of Thrones

    I'm an avid GoT fan, but I'm waiting for Season 8 to arrive..... 🤣
  19. Having trouble initializing a flip flop VI i wrote It starts up in whatever state it wants. How can i force a particular state? Its just an SR latch Thanks in advance
  20. Dan Press

    Game of Thrones

    If you happen to be a GoT fan, the finale is being screened at The North Door. After that, of course there is the meetup at Banger's.
  21. Would you consider making this open source?
  22. Hi, have you came across this one before? https://forums.ni.com/t5/Real-Time-Measurement-and/building-lvlibp-on-real-time-does-not-include-version/td-p/3926789 KR, Benjamin
  23. Great to see the LabVIEW wiki alive and kicking again! Hope to have a bit of time to contribute sometime after NIWeek...
  24. Hello, I am a .dll that act as interface with my HID device and Windows API. I am a problem to open a connection with my device using the CLFN. But if i run the example, that is made with VC++, that is provided from the Author of the .dll, the function return me the error code: "Device not Found" The function and prototype in the DLL is: FT260_STATUS FT260_OpenByVidPid(WORD vid, WORD pid, DWORD deviceIndex, FT260_HANDLE* pFt260Handle) FT260_STATUS is an enum that i defined it as uint8 enum in labview This is how I configured the CLFN: uint8_t FT260_OpenByVidPid@16(uint16_t Vid, uint16_t Pid, uint32_t DeviceIndex, uint32_t* SessionID) Convenction call is: stdcall (WINAPI) Can someone help me to understand what is the problem? Thank you very much
  25. That's enough for my need, thank you very much for being so quick to make the fix!
  26. Here is a quick and dirty edit. It allows for column separators to be moved, but I noticed that on resize it will set the column widths. So this means if you manually move the columns, and then resize the control it may change the columns in an unexpected way. But at that point you can manually move the separators again. I only have 2017 and 2018 so this is for 2017 and newer now. Variant_Probe-2.4.3-0.ogp
  27. Have the topics been converted to the lava forum with the same topic id? If so, you can just enter the topic-id in the url and add a - with anything behind it https://lavag.org/topic/1524-anything-you-want works just fine
  28. Is there a way to change the MCL column width once the XControl is dropped on a front panel? Great tool!
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