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  2. Um. Can't we? If you select the objects on the front panel and press the "Reorder" button in the toolbar. There is a "Group" option. That will group the selected controls and you can move them around as one unit. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding what you are asking.
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  4. just forgot to add that my comment about the lack of flexible grouping in LV referred to edit time behavior, which Wiebe's tool doesn't cover. Basically, we need to be able to group objects so as to be able to grab them and move them around as a whole (at edit time), but also be able to grab one inside the group and reposition it (ability which most graphical software provide; not sure about NXG). Essentially what one can do for members of a cluster, without the drawback I was illustrating above.
  5. I thought it might be helpful if I clarified my use case. Most of my development is LV-based, but I can hardly find anyone interested in working with that code (proprietary language, expensive, graphical, etc.) therefore, in order to be able to share and make what I do expandable by others, I need to interface it with something that is exactly the opposite. Jupyter notebooks are that thing today. What I am looking for is: 1) a way to send markdown text and graphing instructions to reproduce plots generated in LV (or plots that can't easily be produced in LV) in the Jupyter Notebook. The goal is to replace a custom-designed Notebook I based on a .NET rich text box control, which works fine, but is not interactive. 2) a way to pass data structures generated in LV (which the user will have extensive documentation about) to the Jupyter Notebook so that the user of the Notebook can do some processing on their own. 3) a way to send instructions (think custom scripting language) and data to LV. Point 3 is to some extent covered by your tool, as long as LV polls the kernel (and knows which variable to look for). Whether or not a better communication protocol (with user events?) can be designed is up. Points 1 and 2 are pretty much the same thing, the only difference being that 2) might involve bi-directional communication (LV sends data that is processed in the Notebook, which then sends back the result (see Point 3). The original use case, however, is merely to provide data for the user to do whatever they want with. A big unknown to me is whether it would make sense to have access to the Notebook structure within LV (cells, history, data).
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  7. For my particular (ultra-simple) application, that would be an overkill, as I already handle that with a custom-made handler. For the general case, that could certainly be a way to handle multi-component objects. But my question is whether what @The Q is describing above is something that can be done within the wizard (picking one of the controls of the multi-component control as the starting class and doing the weight lifting to add the references to the other controls).
  8. Nope, we have explicit, static registrations for controls in our subpanels. Nothing dynamic or using references. We did potentially trace things back to our error logger. We have a subVI that just throws errors in a queue and then a process that flushes the queue every few seconds and logs them. Seems when we aren't logging errors the problem goes away, so I'm not really sure what's going on. Possibly something there blocking our UI thread somehow and events getting missed but the flush and write happens within 100 ms so it definitely still seems a bit strange. Right now it seems the problem may not be happening in the executable and FWIW we are also updating a good amount of controls by reference with defer panel updates set to true. But the VI Analyzer shows this only taking ~50 ms so I'm not convinced that's the issue either.
  9. LogMAN

    LabVIEW Memes

    @Dataflow_G You should revive this topic 😉
  10. Not quite a meme, but my attempt at an NI style April Fools product announcement (a fake fake product announcement?). See links at the bottom of post for a history of NI's real April 1st jokes. A history of NI's April Fools' courtesy of the Wayback Machine: "National Instruments Announces PC-Based Solution for Matrimonially Inept" (1998) "Spousal Acquisition Toolkit Version 2.0 -- Now Featuring Undo!" (1999) "New MXI Interface Kit for Palm Pilot IIIc" (2000) "President Bush Nominates Jeff Kodosky to Cabinet Post" (2001) "New eIeI/O Software Suite Introduces eFarming" (2002) "New PXI Module Transfers Engineering Knowledge into Marketing Brains" (2003) "National Instruments Releases LabVIEW 7 Espresso" (2004) "Use LabVIEW Graphical Programming to Complete Your Tax Return" (2005) "National Instruments Announces Plans for 'Engineer Barbie'" (2006) "National Instruments Re-Releases LabVIEW 2.0" (2007) "Elementary Students Use NI LabVIEW to Model Impact of Simultaneous Trigger of Rapid Flow Events" (2008) "NI LabVIEW R&D Team Responds to Rumors About Performance-Enhancing Substances" (2009) "National Instruments Develops Cybernetic Leadership Team" (2010) "Time Capsule Captures NI Founders' Technology and Cultural Predictions" (2011) "National Instruments Releases King-Sized Products to Address Big Data Challenges" (2013) "NI Announces New Certification Level: Certified LabVIEW Gladiator" (2014) (Wayback Machine didn't have this one archived. NI pulled it pretty quickly supposedly because people seemed to be taking it seriously) "NI drives time travel with stylish new cRIO module" (2017)
  11. On the other hand: What is "too slow". What should "faster" be?
  12. You might want to get in touch with Wiebe for that....
  13. You are setting your offset to 0.001 of a single sample. That's not going to be visible. The top value in your clsuter is your offset (zero X value). The second top value is the time spacing between adjacent data points (not the entire length of the plot). If you need 100 data points before the trigger, try Top: 0.001, Middle 0.00001, Bottom, your data You SHOULD use proper timing data. If your data is recorded at 1MHz, the middle value should be 1/millionth in order to have your X-axis in seconds. Please note this also only changes the DISPLAY of your data, it has nothing to do with the data's ACTUAL position relative to your trigger. You need to set up your acquisition properly in order to guarantee that.
  14. But which bit? Some bits are actually quite tasty..... 🥓
  15. I have to overlap two images 1 and 2 along the overlapping area. I have attached works what I have done till. I want to know how to join images along overlapping area. I didn't find an option to overlap. Slide_overlap.zip
  16. This is a test harness I'm using. It is the VI loaded into the sub-panel (Example1.vi) that invokes the save dialogue when this VI (Example2.vi) finshes executing. It also happens if the the Abort VI button on the toolbar is pressed. (auto dispose ref = true makes no difference if that's a criteria).
  17. Is this what you are doing? SubPanel_Main.zip
  18. If you open it with Open VI Ref and then close it before calling Close Reference, there shouldn't be a Save Changes dialog. The only way I replicate is if I leave the panel open after the VI finishes running and then the user closes that panel (which is correct behavior). Is that what you're doing?
  19. Last week
  20. I have an application that is using subpanels, and I am having some issues where they seem to be missing button clicks. This is sporadic and not isolated to one specific button but seems to happen throughout the application on various screens. I look in the event inspector window and the value change never fires when these events are missed, so it's as if whatever is managing these events is missing it completely. After two or three clicks it will take. I know it's tough to help without a reproducible case, so I am mostly posting this to see if others have run into this behavior because I have been spinning my wheels.
  21. Thanks Fab, I am waiting on the LAVA admin(s) to do that.
  22. Could you save for previous verison of LabVIEW, maybe I'm slow but I'm still back in 2017.
  23. I would like to create pause button to pause the process. Then a Run button that when pressed will continue from where it last stopped at. . Attached is my programme. . I would really like your help. . Thank you. . FM_demod_solution.vi FM.bin
  24. It is loaded with Open VI Reference. The Explain Changes" dialogue states that it is a cosmetic change (A front panel object was resized). My current suspicion is that it is linked to the "Fit Control to Pane" setting of the xcontrol on the host VI and/or the facade (which the actual control is also set to). I've at least now ascertained that it also happens in normal sub-panels too and is repeatable. Maybe I should just publish it with a known issue - something I have always hated to do. Then at least others can fiddle with it.
  25. Can you share some examples if available?
  26. Hi Jeremy, Would you please update http://lavag.org/bbq to direct to this post? It still directs to 2018 BBQ. Thanks, Fab
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