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    I'm glad you brought up this concern so that we will consider it. I think the plan will be to make a copy of all the necessary VIs (less than there are now), place them in a separate lvlib and install all the code in its own location separate from any VIs used by the LV IDE.
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    Hi, It seams that you have a type mismatch here. I have not noticed this behavior before, but LabVIEW ignores the conversion if no output is wired. If a scaler (single string) is wired to the type input of the "variant to data" function, there are no errors. This could be caused because there is no data on the variant "value2". I usually use the report generation tool kit. It has functions for this kinda of work. Mike
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    So you want to do this: ...just take your preference file you created and rename/replace it with "prefPage_Colors.vi". I never modifies the colors anyway.
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    Here it is: http://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-13146
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    Right - you're trying to read a single Excel cell into a 2 dimensional array - that's not going to work. Also, I'm guessing that there's an error on the error cluster after the convert to variant VI, which might be causing something downstream (prbably the Workbook|Close method) to not execute - that's why Excel isn't closing. I suggest you rearchitect your code a little to use the merge errors VI, instead of chaining all the errors into one wire.
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    Yep. That's a bug. I'll file the CAR. CAR 246266
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    Thats great to hear. If the premium membership came through you should have a banner below your name similar to mine. I'm checking with admin to see if this can be fixed. Please start by posting the current code you are using. Next create a list of the top 3 things you want to add or change. Please try to write as much detail as possible. Then we can discuss further. Mark
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    So why are you using SEQs for something the Notifier was designed to do? There may be some good reasons, but if we know more about your use case, you might get more useful advice.

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