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    I want to share a bug that exists in LV2019+ that results in data being overwritten in independent wire branches when changing maps with the Map Get / Replace Value node of the IPE. Here is the code: This should produce two maps <"key", 0> <"key", 1> But the actual output is <"key", 1> <"key", 1> As it turns out, Map Get / Replace Value breaks dataflow. There are two workarounds for this issue. Use the Always Copy function Wire the Action terminal of the write node This was reported to NI with the bug report number #7812505.
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    https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/ LabVIEW dropped below 50... Might it be that its rank follows its average user age?
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    Following up from some of the information here. This is the bug I am seeing regularly in LV2020 When I close a project I never want to defer these changes, I am used to this option being "dont save changes". See the video, it shows clearly what is happening. As can be seen from the video if I re-open the same project from the Getting Started Window it opens instantaneously which is further proof that it is not actually closed. I really hope this is not a new feature, this is really dangerous behaviour as you think the project is closed so go to commit files or whatever. This has been reported to NI, no CAR as yet. Anyone else seeing behaviour like this? 2020-07-25 18-46-58.mkv

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