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  1. What happens if you change the number of samples from 50k to 100k?
  2. Not enough information. If you do not have access to the python source (because they used py2exe/PyInstaller), find the device's programming manual.
  3. How does the python script communicate with the device? pyVISA?
  4. Wouldn't hiding the FP be good enough? Minimize it behind the BD's icon view - without leaving the FP's window in the taskbar list.
  5. I'll take vomit any day over some of the code I've been lucky enough to deal with.
  6. Definitely was one of 10,000 - but it was a few years ago. -- Doing my part to be one of the 10,000 every day.
  7. Help -> Find Examples -> Search -> 3D -> solarsystem.vi
  8. I had to go back through ALL of them once I "discovered" the mouse-overs.
  9. "When all the world recognizes beauty as beauty, this in itself is ugliness"
  10. I'm working on doing the same thing with a project that sounds similar to yours. The thing I'm worried about is having all of the typedefs in memory along with all of their callers - many of which are ACBR. Over the next couple of days I'm hoping to get a little script together that creates a tree.vi to keep everything loaded.
  11. Thanks, Jordan. Just to follow up on the security aspect, I learned that the keywords are along the line of "What is the 'at rest' state of my data?" One way to think about security is to consider whether the host is HIPAA-compliant. Those hosts charge plenty, though, and typically don't have all the features of SCC, issue-tracking and FTP-like functionality.
  12. The hosts I've looked at so far don't allow the repos to be hidden from the hosts' admins. Does anyone know of a "secure" hosting solution?
  13. Here's the cross-post on NI's forums: http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/What-is-the-most-important-difference-between-3D-Picture-control/m-p/2550677#U2550677
  14. What about the registry? Procmon lets you filter on "Process Name" (<yourapp.exe>) and "Operation" (RegQueryKey). Dropping a single File Dialog on a blank VI and running it shows lots of key queries - not that they're all related to File Dialog...
  15. I remember that thread. People got hung up on keeping out people who want to learn. How about multiple choice: What is the format of LabVIEW's registration key: a) A12B34567 b) AA123B4567 ...
  16. Ok, support-side: the one that actually wasted my time (instead of allowing meditation, as Rolf mentions) was making sure all the wires had their bumps on the same side (scalar string, scalar path), smooth-edges instead of bumpy edges (1D array of string, path, etc), and on and on. BD's are usually small enough that "Horizontal Gap" doesn't come into play much anymore.
  17. Name the constants and create a QD plugin that aligns the selected VI with the left of the "left-edge" constant, and the bottom of the "bottom-edge" constant.
  18. Close: the output of the event structure and while loop lines up with Unregister for Events. I've started putting the event registration itself in Actor's class data so it can be unregistered in Stop Core. Now I can get rid of that bend!
  19. I'll see your scrolled-case-wires-don't-move and raise you my scrolled-case-VIs-and-controls-don't move. The empty string constants in this BD are used for aligning edges of nodes in the cases: Oh, now I notice that you mentioned functions.
  20. Once in a while I'll download VIs from NI forums. I have to make sure I have not had any coffee, yet, otherwise I get sucked in to the vortex of cleaning up ALL of the code. Straight error wires with non-hidden bends. The nudge-to-check-connection also works for putting the 1px bend in the horizontal middle of the wire. Has anyone mentioned having to line up all the input and output terminals of case and event structures, and for and while loops? That one slows me down a little, sometimes.
  21. How about adding a captcha to the "create lavag account" that shows a LV BD and asks a CLAD-type question?
  22. http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361H-01/lvconcepts/resolving_project_conflicts/
  23. Just adding the cross-post link: https://decibel.ni.com/content/message/57754#57754 (And watching for good ways to do that data sharing. I've done it poorly, already, including sharing a DVR with two copies of a data class - one in producer and one in consumer, each with their own index.)
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