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  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing! By the way, a variant constant's class name is "constant", which is missed by the scanner.
  2. http://labviewwiki.org/Bug points to: http://ni.com/ask which goes to where Ton pointed. Just mentioning it to see if it affects a LAVA forum search for "Bug Report".
  3. Oh, right! In "UI.Enter Pressed.vi". Nice. A boiler exam attempt is here: http://forums.ni.com/t5/Certification/Sample-Exam-Solutions-for-Review/m-p/2385580#M738 I've been working on "real-world" code to see if some of the pros, here, might review it - but as soon as I get each piece close to ready-for-public-eyes, I become comfortable enough with it to switch to customer-specific instances.
  4. Ok. Still Pro, but the idea is here: http://ideas.jki.net/topic/167870-allow-locked-no-password-protection/.
  5. Looking again, under Source File Settings, there's an option to add a password. That's not available in Free. Does Pro allow you to select Password Type "Custom", then leave a blank password?
  6. Yes, the Send Normal Stop. I've been working through the details of proper error and last-ack handling, so it jumped out at me.
  7. I've had a few simple actors not let me close the Actor Core.vi override front panel, even after they've stopped. Nothing repeatable, like you have, though. It doesn't help anything, but in the top-level Stop Core.vi override, shouldn't Send Stop be outside the error wire? Instead, perhaps, send normal or emergency stop with the code from Error In?
  8. I have not. There's some kind of protection tab in the Pro version, though. Maybe it's in there.
  9. Cut the top edge, and it falls in a pile on the ground - then fling it around the screen. This is lovely.
  10. Two ES in one loop is generally bad form, yes - but they each have a 100ms timeout. That won't hang.
  11. Ha! Only tried it once, for a kind of record-and-playback scrubber with multiple cursors, annotations, scroll bars, buttons, etc. I started with the XGrapher example on NI.com, which was nice. I soon made things more complicated than they needed to be. I mean, I soon realized that wasn't the best fit for an XControl.
  12. todd

    Boston Marathon

    My group had only minor inconveniences (dinner reservations cancelled, aquarium was closed, a few T stations closed). What surprised me was how calm everyone was. They didn't announce anything, but the police and EMTs were racing past - and I only heard of one small area where people panicked and ran.
  13. For error info, can you just override "Handle Error.vi"?
  14. My forever-girlfriend finished about 15 minutes before the first bomb. We were waiting for her about a block from the finish. Here's a before-picture. Oh - no pics on mobile.
  15. I've been using Mercurial and bitbucket.org, for the last couple of months. Command line hg and TortoiseHg both work fine. I do not use the built-in LV SCC. No Git experience. Have you seen the Git User Group on NI.com? https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/git-user-group?view=blog
  16. The boiler ended up being much more suited to AF, in my opinion. It took me about six hours, but I added functionality that's not in the spec. Also, I wanted to use it to ask some practical questions about the theoretical statements of AOD. LV2012, AF package my AF Boiler Solution.zip
  17. That happened to me, the other day - added a value in the middle, and some constants changed. I have the vague recollection that a case structure changed, too. No time to repro and capture.
  18. I may try the CLD test in a couple of weeks. Here's the ATM exam written in LV12 with AF package version This took me about 4.5 hours (though I had to pause overnight at 2.5 hours). I didn't do any planning at all: code-and-go all the way. The UI is the only actor. I really wanted to make the file I/O an actor of its own, as well as a countdown timer (so their FPs could be shown during DEBUG==True), but I'm not THAT fast. Overall, I'm happy with it, for the time spent. Comments are welcome. my ATM AF Solution.zip
  19. Not sure it helps you, but I noticed: When I closed those two projects, the LV icon was still in the taskbar. I opened another project and happened to view the class hierarchy. The Server and Client projects are still there, and PN App Project.Projects still lists Client and Servers projects. Heh - crossed posts, again. I admit to occasionally being beer-motivated.
  20. I got one of the project ref leaks to go away by fiddling with: Get Remote Application Reference.vi You can type-cast a ref to I32, then format into hex string and feed it to "Generate User-Defined Trace Event" on the BD. "Get Remote Application Reference.vi" gets refs to both projects but only closes one.
  21. That VI matches the guess I made. Yes, I tried server-first and client-first. Turns out it was the server port. I have 2012 on 3365. Yours must be 3364. DETT reports a project reference leak reported in Get Remote Application Reference.vi, and an Application Reference Leak. Ah, you ran it. I have LV2011 on 3364 and 2010 on 3363.
  22. They don't lock, here. (One reuse VI was missing, by the way.) But when I close the projects, the example VIs don't close. I'm getting an error when closing the client: I ran the 2013 DETT on it. There are two queue ref leaks and four VI leaks, but only when I manually stop the server.
  23. Thank you for this. Since I'm working on template projects, I used your code firstly to improve my understanding of top-level actor launching and of Actor Core.vi. When the Event Structure's while loop ends, Actor Core's parent might still be running (if the developer makes a mistake and does something other than sending messages to self - see image below). This prevents Last Ack, which hangs the app launcher. Is it "clean" to fix this by sending Stop after the while loop?
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