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  1. Well, I found a VI that will allow you to do DDE communications between LV and msaccess. This VI will run a macro in Access. I've attached it. I also have a VI attached that does the same but using ActiveX. I wasn't able to test this vi successfully on my own computer since my version of Access is corrupt for reasons I won't get into... Good Luck, Let me know if this works. Michael Aivaliotis. Download File:post-10-1073100098.zip
  2. Well, its seems that a native treeview control may be in the works for a future version of LV as was hinted on info-labview. If you can't wait that long then you will notice that a modified multicolumn listbox exists in LV that will give some similer functionality. Below is an excerpt from some posts on info-labview on how this control works and how to get it: Enjoy Michael Aivaliotis
  3. Jeff, I asked around and I got the following response: For each data member, you will need a unique URL. There is not a way to bundle them into one URL. Randy Hoskin Applications Engineer National Instruments Sorry, Michael Aivaliotis
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