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  1. This may not answer your question directly, but thats why you should first backup your existing code, then upgrade and test your code in the new version. Also take a look at the Upgrade Notes. They are invaluable for specific changes between versions. You should look at "Upgrading from Version 7". I'm not sure which VI you are talking about, but unsupported does not mean buggy. It means NI will move away from these VI's probably to a new/different API. The old VI's should still work as before, but if you were to open them up, they probably use newer File functions. N.
  2. Yes you do. If you build an exe and install it on another PC that does not have your development environment installed (with the associated Vision runtime), the IMAQ image display will NOT work. You need a vision runtime for every executable you build using any of the vision functions (even the image display). The Picture control doesn't need a vision runtime licence since it is not part of the Vision set of tools. Neville.
  3. Homework? If you have done some work, please upload it. If not, then at least attempt it before you ask for help.
  4. What card do you have? The cheaper E Series cards have limited DMA channels, and sometimes that can be the reason why you can't get two AO channels at different rates out at the same time. What are you outputting to the daq channels? Is it buffered? If the rates are not too fast and non-buffered, you could output both the channels software-timed in the same loop. Neville.
  5. coming in late on this, but in LabVIEW 2009 there is a VI to achieve this: RT Create Target Disk Image VI There is also an API on the NI website to achieve this for versions prior to 2009. Neville.
  6. Hi, anyone planning on attending the NI Tech Symposium in Seattle this Thursday (12th Nov)? It would be nice to meet up. Its a free all-day event and you can sign up from the NI website. Cheers, Neville.
  7. Take a look at the examples under DAQ. Also, posting your VI will get you help a lot faster. Neville.
  8. Also, if I remember correctly, some of their PCI cards might fit in a PCI-Express slot as well. Check the documentation. Neville.
  9. The latest Leica M9 full-frame 18 MPixel camera seems to be tested using LabVIEW! Check out these pictures on DPReview: Leica Focus Check Focus Accuracy check More fascinating pics: Leica Factory Tour Neville.
  10. As far as I remember, IMAQ Rake always needed a rectangular ROI. (Sorry I don't have LV on my home PC to check it). I have used it all the way upto LabVIEW/Vision 8.6. You could transform the Polygon into a Mask, then fit a larger rectangle that encompasses all the polygon points. Use this rectangle as the ROI. Any pts outside your polygon will be "black" and hopefully no edges will be detected there. Neville.
  11. Using SCXI hardware with high gain and isolated measurement channels should help a lot as well. 60uV seems like thermocouple type measurements. It should be doable with x1000 or so gain, but use isolated measurement channels. There is a module 1125(?) that has isolated channels. Neville.
  12. What hardware are you using and how many DMA channels does it have? The cheaper cards only have 1 DMA channel which means AO chans cannot be used independantly even if software timed. Alsothe onboard FIFO is also shared, which means the the AO channels cannot be used independantly. Neville.
  13. What hardware are you using? It may not be possible to get PWM easily with the E-series cards. You might just be better of getting a PWM chip and driving that with a Analog output line. Neville.
  14. I didn't see you list an option using std PC hardware and LabVIEW-RT. Its pretty stable, doesn't crash, but will cost you about $500 per deployment runtime license. Neville.
  15. Is the image greyscale or black and white? Why don't you post a couple of jpegs to show us whats going on? Black and white IS binary after all if the image only contains pixel values of 0 (black) and 255 (white). Neville.
  16. Might have something to do with the fact that FieldPoint modules have very little memory and slow processors, so the RTE on FP might be very different than the normal LV-RT install on a PXI for example. Are you building it under a FieldPoint target in the Project? N.
  17. Contact NI support and see if you can get a workaround from the Vision R&D guys. If its relatively easy they can fix it pretty quick. Is it a FireWire camera? N.
  18. Why exactly do you need a hardware trigger? Temperatures change orders of magnitude slower than anything else. Wouldn't a software trigger do? Keep acquiring data till some software condition is met then bung that data into the rest of your code. Which comes to my next question: what sort of hardware trigger do you need? AI line? Neville.
  19. USB C-Series Module for Thermocouples N.
  20. Take a look at VIEW>Navigation Window (Ctrl-Shift-N) for an overall view of either the Front Panel or Diagram, but it only works in Edit mode (in the Development Environment).. not for executables. This can help you find out where the errant cotrols/indicators are, fix it, and then save the VI so it doesn't happen in future. N.
  21. Like Shaun has pointed out, open the image into an RGB (colour) image buffer to store the image, then threshold the image using IMAQ Color Threshold.vi so that the range of blue (0-120) is replaced by 255 (white). Take a look at this example for more details: Help>Find Examples (to open the Example Finder) and then search for ColorThreshold Example.vi Neville.
  22. Rather than create a VI to zoom in/out, design your UI to fit on the smallest screen resolution in use. Use tabs to separate controls/indicators that can be grouped. Have pop-ups to set parameters. Use menu items for rarely adjusted items. Having a zoom feature just encourages laziness and poor UI designs. N.
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