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  1. Played for a few hours with vim and event generation. I wanted to create universal vi for creating and adding UE. It seems that we can create one vi for registering and sending UE data, but registering more than one UE will require xnode I added one flag to decide when to register and when to generate. vim needs to be extracted because I couldn't attach it. event testing.vi event test.zip
  2. In my applications I have vis with familiar functionalities for queues. I came to conclusion that all of us has created something like that. For me there is no way to get rid of this variant conversion because in my state machines data is usually state dependent not queue dependent. Could You tell more about how are you planning to do that? When comes to UE i have vi that looks identical to addQ state but there is no response request. I never figured a way to get response from all subscribers.
  3. Never scripted lib before but found this:
  4. Nice Idea, I always have the problem with connecting this enum and unbundling what needs to be used from cluster In one project I ended making polymorphic wrapper in similar way You did and then unbundling what is needed inside wrppers. It takes some time doing it one by one and they all look the same so it is bit confusing but if polymorphic vi can be scripted on top of that wrappers it will be nice Edit: added polymorphic vi generation after Edit2: if there could be easy way to do bundling/unbundling by scripting, not by hand it would be nice fgv to polly.zip
  5. Hello, Soon I will start my first project that finally includes some daq cards. I have some questions how to manage tasks in project. - I can create and manage tasks using MAX but it will require to install max on customer PC and that most likely will be a problem. - I can add tasks and channels to my project New -> DAQmx Channel/Task/Scale. It seems reasonable but where task parameters are stored? They can be edited after I compile exe? Do You know better approaches ? It would be good if channel parameters are stored in some csv fil,e so I can modify it without compilation
  6. Did matlab before now started doing more c# instead of labview
  7. Good to know. I wanted to create addon that allows inserting properties like in text languages but it seems that i ve hit the wall here... Another thing that I have been looking for, is there a way to acces context help data from within labview?? I have done that by exploding chm file and rendering html in browser activex but that is very slow ...
  8. Yes, that is exactly my point. I have done it by creating 2 property nodes but i want one. When we launch class browser it is possible to select that in the way I want...
  9. Thanks for help. I have done that arleady. When selecting property node we follow this path: and I want to do the same, select the same property as above via scripting but it seems that I cant.
  10. Hello, Is there a way to set property node of another object by scripting ? As far as I looked I can only set property by ID string.
  11. I have made converting vi and it seems that it was the easiest part. Now I just need to replace input and output accordingly with scripting? Vi is attached When most of subvis in xnode are clear to me I have hard time understanding how Insert and Write Xnode template.vi created by You works. Could You explain it to me?? template.vi
  12. Thanks for help and pointing me in right direction . One last question. Xnode manager is the best tool to play with Xnodes?
  13. Thanks for reply I want input to be array or cluster defined by user that will convert my string accordingly. Here is image how I see that: And i think ahat are all cases than can happen when comes to data types. in DB toolkit this works in similar way. This data comes from PLC and is mostly used to archive something DB or sent some commands. It is annoying to do the same all over by adapting this data accordingly after read
  14. Hello, I have some string data that is written in format *x*xxxxx*xxxx*xxxxxxxx*xxxx*xx,xxxx*. There are data elements are separated by *. I want to make xnode that will convert this data into cluster or 1D array. Types of that data will be only strings , numerics and booleans. This is very like in DB connectivity toolkit. I have xnode manager but all xnodes that I find from NI are password protected and i can;t take a look how this is made. Do You know where to start looking for some good examples?
  15. Thanks for that example. I will think about making new approach to how I do things in upcoming week. When comes to datatypes I always make cluster that has string and variant inside as a data type. That makes it generic but adds casting from variant when reading and that can be annoying to do but when I use the same queue to transfer different data types that is only one option I can think of. So adapting that to new project is only about making/removing these queues. I have found there is something like Xnodes, so maybe it is possible to join read from queue and UE vis with casting v
  16. In my recent projects I use one FGV that stores all my Queues and Events references in Cluster. When I need to get some element I just unbundle it from cluster. When I use only one data communication mechanism I could store it as a variant attribute in FGV and get it by name to avoid placing unbundle by name. When adding elements I created polymorphic vi to handle events, queues and UE. It makes my programming faster I was trying to push it more to avoid wasting time on unbundling these queues and transforming variants to data but so far I was unable to find something better...
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