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  1. Thanks for reply but it seems Aliasing is not the problem. People tell about camera perspective : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5300888/how-can-i-increase-distance-zfar-gluperspective-where-opengl-stops-drawing-obj but objects more in the back are displayed correctly. What I noticed it that this is letter dependent. For some letters like A I must zoom a lot so see something, letter E for example I see always even when I zoom out... On NI forums they had discussion about text display problem and PC was blamed. I have tried on 2 machines and this is not HW r
  2. Thanks @shoneill this solved my problem. Another one appeared, I need to zoom in to see displayed text correctly like on attached picture. I want small text to be displayed as well. Do You have idea about that one? It is good to know that NI made some wrapper around opengl so there is chance to find some documentation
  3. @shoneil I have tried that without success. I assumed that item in closer to camera will be displayed(text). Maybe this is related to billboarding? I need text and this green area+ frame to always face camera test2.vi
  4. Hello LV users, I have been fighting with 3D picture for 2 days and I have stumbeld on the following problem: I need to display rectangle + text. Text should be always displayed before background when camera moves or is rotated. I have attached test vi that exports fragment of functionality and shows the problem. Camera settings and billboarding must be set to values provided in test vi. Text must be displayed before green box not after like on picture below. Intresting is when I zoom text is displayed correctly... Do You
  5. Might be off topic question, but do You also translate all errors and logs when localisation is required? If Yes how do You do it?
  6. Last week I tried to create EH model for my personal purpose. Attached what I ve made so far: download I use source which says what created this error eg Labview, DIO or something else, description containing error code, meaningful description and explanation, timestamp and call chain. Each driver or module has dedicated source name and I dont have to care about error code uniquness. Error codes can be later stored within application or read from disk.
  7. Ot of couriosity, Can VIM be packed into lvlibp? When I tried to do that with xnode I cold not, I got to conclsion that xnode was some form of lvlib iteslf...
  8. I cen edit that in proj because that is simple xml, problem is to change this in all subvis in simple way.
  9. Makes sense but the problem is that in this case there are no items that can be resolved from resolve conflicts window (For all items in resolve conflicts Use selected item id disabled) I have also tried to move ppl from files view but this can not be done.
  10. I have tried resolve in conflict window but for some reason I can not choose correct new path. In fact nothing can be chosen I was thinking about writing script that will go through all vis in proj and replace this ppl content so they have new path, but that seems way to extreme...
  11. That is the problem, when I remove PPL from project and from disk and point to new one I get this conflicts.
  12. Cross post from NI forums: http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Load-lvlbp-from-different-locations-on-disk/td-p/3634295 I have project file that includes lvlibp library, functions from inside are called from many places inside application. Now this library resides in directory A, I want to do disk cleaning and load the same PPL but from another place on disk. I have played with it and I can not do this... When I remove currently used ppl it goes to dependencies. When I add to project library from new path there is hundreds of confilcts that can not be resolved.
  13. I have stared using OOP in LV some time ago, and there is something that I don't undrestand. When I modify 1 class VI all class members are recompiled and also modified despite of fact that I haven't touched them. This becomes a serious problem when using source controll, I am pushing hundreds of VIs to the server and without comments I can not tell which VI was modified. Is there a way around that? When programming without classes I never had this problem. I am using GOOP from Symbio Cross post from: http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Labview-Class-recompile-problem/m-p/33607
  14. Playing with this just to kill time but it seems that size matters tests.vi
  15. I think sometimes globals or DVRs will be more suitable than messages. For example when we have a large buffer data points that some process is acquiring and stores in memory, others will use that data. By using globals/dvrs it is just basically set and get. Using messages involves flattening data to variant/string in order pass that data by message implementation. With large data this delay might be significant.
  16. In my applications I tend to use state machines that run in parallel and acces them by queues to get/set/perform some operations based on data that this SM is using. I use ActionEngine if I don;t need to do any background operations and they are working good. I usually have 1 global variable in every app that is set at beginning and read in many places. Now I am working on big OOP project, they never use Action Engines. All is based on DVR classes but idea is almost the same. Enums are replaced by dynamic dispatch, it is easier to create another instance of an object (state machine) and
  17. Has anyone found native solution for borderless transparent modal window?
  18. Thanks for this tool, it works great. Is there a simple way to make copy of xnode with different name? So far I have to create methods and copy paste BD code to new ones.
  19. Thanks but that is not what I meant. I found brutal solution for now:
  20. Hello, I need to extract data from Variant Waveform in OpenG there is function Cluster to Array of VData but I can't find any for Waveforms. Anyone done that before?
  21. If You want to monitor all messages comming from Queues or UE i think You should create another thread in application that will handle that. Whenever You enqueue message you will also add copy about that message + time, source and whatever you want and sent it to thread that monitors all of that.
  22. Replaced subtract node and now works as it should Why I have no idea ...
  23. Hello, Do You know if there is a way to resize rearrange cases window? By default it fits only 8 cases and it is hard to move and work with it when we have 30 or more cases
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