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  1. Here's a weekly nugget where we described this very issue...I don't think there's a way to solve this without a "resume scrolling' button/action of some sort: Darren's Weekly Nugget 06/28/2010
  2. Thanks, guys. JG: I noticed in your VI you are checking the VI Type to determine whether or not you should traverse. A more robust way to determine if a VI has a block diagram is to use this VI: vi.lib\addons\analyzer\_analyzerutils.llb\VIAnUtil Has Diagram.vi Despite its name/location, this VI does ship with LabVIEW core...use it whenever trying to figure out if a VI has a diagram. There is also a VIAnUtil Has Panel.vi in the same LLB.
  3. And as most people know (based on the content of many of my weekly nuggets, as well as my penultimate response on AQ's thread linked above), I often *encourage* people to use VIs that are not in the palettes/Quick Drop. I would venture to say that, since the config VI debacle (which occurred with the LabVIEW 2009 release), we haven't had any major upgrade problems associated with changed interfaces to VIs...our developers are more well-informed of the issues, and we have processes in place that analyze our shipping VIs for interface changes between versions. Jarrod wrote a great Quick Drop
  4. User-defined menu entries in the File pull-down menu are linked to VIs created in the [LabVIEW]\wizard directory. Do you have a 'wizard' directory in your LabVIEW 2010 install?
  5. You wrote a custom Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcut during the exam? That's the best!
  6. I'm working on the scripting backend to the DSP Design Module that was announced at NI Week.
  7. You get flak for using the LabVIEW feature that facilitates programming as fast as possible? How strange... I give people flak whenever I see them spelunking the palettes.
  8. Funny...I've only ever programmed in LabVIEW, yet I found mousing around in the palettes to be a huge bottleneck, as I know the name of almost every function I ever need.
  9. No, the default option is to still load palettes in the background. The change in 2011 is that we fixed some background palette loading issues that were causing some palette contents to never get loaded in the background...thus, on Quick Drop's first launch, there was still a bunch of work to do. In 2011, *all* the palette info gets loaded in the background, so assuming this all happens before you launch Quick Drop for the first time, its first launch will be instantly usable.
  10. Going through NI Week withdrawal...

  11. Multiple people have requested I post the limericks I recited at the BBQ this week. Here they are, as best as I can recall from memory: There once was a coder named Kring He sure liked to right-click on things He once claimed he was faster Than the coding challenge master Yet he’d never step into the ring! There once was a coder named Mercer Who always had a class on his cursor Then Christina stopped by With her eyes on his VIs And said, “Clusters would make this code worser!” There once was a coder named Aivaliotis Who had a cool blog that he showed us It’s called VI Shots And
  12. I've never tried it in a built EXE, so you'll need to test it. Let me know what you figure out.
  13. Check out [LabVIEW]\help\_exfinder.llb\get NI shared folder path.vi. It's password-protected (makes a callback into LabVIEW.exe), but it does the job.
  14. The "Get VI Version" App method will do this without having to load the VI into memory:
  15. I've never seen that. I'd replace the Event Structure if I were you. There may be other corruptions lurking...
  16. I can't speak for the motivation of the certification department, but the stated prerequisite is accurate...you must pass the CLAD before you can take the CLD, and you must pass the CLD before you can take the CLA.
  17. (LAVA ate my previous post, and I don't quite remember all of what I said...here's the short version) Diagram Cleanup does what it's supposed to do on small, lightly-nested VIs, which should make up the bulk of the VIs in your application if it's sufficiently modular. On large and/or heavily-nested diagrams, it should not be used. Check out the whole story of my feelings on block diagram cleanup in this blog post.
  18. I too have been unable to resolve my conflict with the Resolve Conflicts dialog. So yes, vilify away.
  19. It's been a while since high school English, but with that corrective symbol, wouldn't the result be "Wierd" instead of "Wired", which I think is the intent? Here's an idea: could the switcheroo tool somehow be incorporated in the image for switching the letters around?
  20. It seems to me that diagram cleanup is the scapegoat in this situation (why isn't it the evil kid who pressed Ctrl-S on code that wasn't his?). The scapegoat could have just as easily been the Delete key, the Backspace key, a case structure wrapped around the code then removed with an empty case showing, etc. etc. Once Ctrl-S is pressed after any of these actions, you're screwed unless you (1) have a readily available backup of your code or (2) are able in a future LabVIEW version to undo after save. Since it's not August 2011 yet, I vote for the readily available backup of your code. Th
  21. Looks like I spoke too soon. Based on some beta feedback, and after discussing the issue further in-house, I will not be including these VIs in 2011. Hopefully, we'll see native support for the error terminals on the primitives themselves in a future LabVIEW version (go vote for this idea if you haven't already). For posterity, here are the VIs I *almost* shipped in 2011, zipped up and saved in LV 2010. And of course, there's also the option of using the OpenG Time Tools VIs. -D timing.zip
  22. And if you're looking to use the complex numeric data type instead of keeping the real/imaginary components separate, then use a Re/Im To Complex function instead of a Build Array in hooovahh's instructions above. -D
  23. As things are currently implemented, you must place your VI Analyzer tests in either [LabVIEW]\project\_VI Analyzer\_tests or [LabVIEW Data]\VI Analyzer Tests in order for them to appear in the VI Analyzer UI, or be otherwise usable with the VI Analyzer. -D
  24. There is a method of the Pane class called "Unlock Objects" that will programatically unlock controls on the specified Pane. It is a scripting method (so it's exposed in LabVIEW 2010, but not earlier versions). Here is a VI saved in 8.5 that has the method so you can use it. Good luck, -D Unlock Objects Method.vi
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