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  1. His looked like this...a 15-segment display, if you will... -D
  2. Nobody has ever beaten me, and nobody ever will. Now *that's* a call out... -D P.S. - I need to have a talk with the judges next year about literal interpretation of the rules, because Robert's answer for the 7-segment display was NOT a 7-segment display. Thankfully he messed it up just a little bit, which gave me enough time to finish my real 7-segment display while he tried to fix his...
  3. I believe it's asking how much time you're willing to give LabVIEW to perform the action. For example, a frequent editor action, like wiring two terminals, you would expect to be a "trivial" amount of work, i.e. LabVIEW should be able to perform the action immediately. But for something else, like building an EXE, you would probably expect LabVIEW to spend more time, and be ok with that. I don't particularly like how that option is worded, but that's my understanding of what it's supposed to mean. -D
  4. As I mention in my blog post, Requirements Gateway is only used for *grading* the exam. You don't need to know Requirements Gateway in order to *take* the exam, you just need to follow the instructions in the exam regarding how to document requirements tracking in the code you write. -D
  5. Thanks for posting this, JG. I have written a new post on my blog regarding the changes to the CLA exam.
  6. That was pretty funny. Good thing they didn't reserve that one for me... -D
  7. <-- member of LabVIEW R&D
  8. I'm in, and my Durango seats 7. Who's riding shotgun?
  9. Yes. It may be 110 F outside, but they keep it at around 45 F inside. Bring your mittens! -D
  10. Here's the easiest way I can think of: -D
  11. loves "super secrets"

  12. It's a programming language...of course it has a pizzle! Who knows, maybe in LabVIEW 2011 the pizzle will have its own 'clean up' feature. -D
  13. There is a private property of the LVClassLibrary class called "ParentClass" that lets you set the parent of a given LV Class. I asked the architect of LV Classes about this property, and he said: "The ParentClass property should have been public all along. It is public in LV 2010." So I see no reason not to share it. Here's a VI saved in 8.6 that contains the applicable property nodes. -D ParentClass Property.vi
  14. To my knowledge, this VI does not ship with LabVIEW. I wrote it myself for this thread back in '08, and it's been sitting in my "VI_Utils" folder on my computer ever since. -D
  15. The VI uses a private VI Server method that can read linkage information from the .lvclass file on disk. As a general rule, we (that is, LabVIEW R&D) password-protect any VIs that contain private functionality when we post them on public forums. -D
  16. It looks like my attachment to this thread was lost during the LAVA site redesign. Here it is again (saved in LabVIEW 8.6). -D Get Class Hierarchy from Disk.vi
  17. "if you try to idiot proof your UI, they will build a better idiot..." I foresee myself quoting this many times in the future... -D
  18. I think you're looking for [LabVIEW]\resource\Framework\Providers\LVClassLibrary\CLSUIP_MemberTemplate.vit. I changed the structure in there to not Auto Grow, and my new static/dynamic dispatch VIs no longer had Auto Grow set. -D
  19. It is my understanding that calling an XNode (either by a subVI call or otherwise) within another XNode is simply not supported. -D
  20. And if you've already created a bunch of VIs with Auto Grow enabled, you can run this utility to turn it off on all structures in all VIs in a given folder. Turn Off Auto Grow -D
  21. Should I post this as a weekly nugget? I assumed it was well-known, but if two LAVA guys didn't know about it, that probably translates to way more 'regular' LV programmers not knowing... -D
  22. Show the Boolean Text of the checkbox instead of the Label. This will give you the behavior you're looking for. -D
  23. Stylistically, I almost never close a passed-in reference in a subVI. I always close it in the same VI that opened/generated it. That way I don't have to worry about a reference that I think is valid actually being invalid because it was closed in a subVI somewhere beforehand. -D
  24. The wikipedia article gives more info about number of takes, size of engineering team, etc. If you look carefully in the background during the TV smashing part, you can see all the smashed TVs from previous takes that didn't work out. Similarly, there's a smashed piano in the background during the piano drop...apparently they had to do that one at least twice.
  25. I've been to a few brainstorming meetings that used some kind of Mind Map software. It seemed like a solution looking for a problem to me. I prefer good ol' whiteboards and notetaking. -D
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