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  1. Why is "Get all Object Item Offsets.vi" in JSON Text marked as private scope? Any chance you can add it to the API? I really need the functionality and don't want to hack my install. 🤔
  2. ***BUMP*** this is still active About Us: Draper is an independent, nonprofit research and development company headquartered in Cambridge, MA. The 1,500 employees of Draper tackle important national challenges with a promise of delivering successful and usable solutions. From military defense and space exploration to biomedical engineering, lives often depend on the solutions we provide. Our multidisciplinary teams of engineers and scientists work in a collaborative environment that inspires the cross-fertilization of ideas necessary for true innovation. For more information about Draper,
  3. I committed variant to JSON and JSON to variant after modifying the refnum cases to a simple I32 and string setup. I look forward to a new package.
  4. I agree that my "=>" implementation doesn't exactly work. I like the idea of representing it as an object but I worry about opening a can of worms over a rare use case. My vote would be to keep it stupid simple at this point and go with the numerical(string for DAQmx, VISA and IVI references) implementation. It lacks the readability that I desired but I can concede for simplicity.
  5. I see where your coming from and that was the way that I originally coded it up. Maybe it was too easy to do, but it felt useless without some sort of information about the class. My feeling was that the refnums handled by this API are only going to be valid within a LabVIEW application so it wouldn't hurt anything to throw in a class identifier. I searched around to see if I could find how other JSON APIs handle this and came up short. Do you know of any other JSON APIs not for LabVIEW that handle refnums? As for strings containing "=>" I could change it so that we search from t
  6. I figured out what I was doing wrong. Here is a list of what I changed...(there are comments in the code and the commit as well) -Added a case to handle refnums in JSON to Variant and Variant to JSON. I decided to convert the refnums to either I32 or string depending on thier type and then include the class of the refnum proceeded by a "=>". Including the class is valuable from my viewpoint in that it makes the JSON more readable. When converting from a JSON sting back to a variant I use the "Variant (Data Type)" input to define the class and ignote the class name in JSON string.
  7. Did my code get added into this or did my commit fail?
  8. I just committed my code to BitBucket for handling paths and refnums. Should the commit be showing up in BitBucket before it's reviewed? This is my first BitBucket project and I am trying to make sure that I didn't screw up and step on anybodies toes. Let me know...
  9. I have a few ideas kicking around about how to handle refnums. Anybody else want to see the class work it's way into the string for readability?
  10. Sounds good to me. I am new to BitBucket so excuse me if this sounds stupid but do I have to be part of the "Team" to download the source? I have SourceTree installed but I think I am blocked from contributing. If I had access I would be glad to make these changes.
  11. After doing some testing I found that JSON to Variant can't handle empty paths. The problem is caused by the OpenG Scan Variant From String throwing error #1 because the string it is scanning is empty. A simple fix would be to add an additional case structure to handle paths within JSON to Variant.
  12. Thanks for making the build. I appreciate everybody's help in getting these fixes made. -Pat
  13. Thanks for the fix! I wish I had found this thread earlier. Can anybody create a new build and check it into bit bucket or is that reserved for people on the team? Can somebody get the fix into a new build? I have seen similar behavior. I can try to replicate it if anybody is interested. What I found was that if GetTypeInfo is being called by two separate application instances they block each other because it's non-reentrant. I don't think we are going to find a work around for that. This might be a unique situation that I found because of the multiple application instances as
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