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  1. QUOTE (PaulG. @ Sep 2 2008, 10:38 PM)

    I tried that. Didn't work. :angry:

    I'm sorry it doesn't help... I know how annoying this issue is...

    Apart from upgrading LabVIEW and working on a USB external hard drive and copying twice a day to the network drive until you can upgrade. I do understand it's a workaround you might not like but that's what I did during 3 month to get ride of the the ducks ;)

  2. QUOTE (crelf @ Aug 28 2008, 04:52 PM)

    No - it's because you can't edit a VI in the RTE. For example, you can open a VI, edit it's diagram or front panel, then save it - tags are part of the VI, so editing the would be like trying to edit the diagram.

    Yes. I assume it's for the same reason that you cannot change the default value of a control at run time.

    What I was meaning by "the fact that the tags can't be modified is a security, no ?" is that, in a way, being sure that it will not be modified whatever happens can be interesting for storing default values.

    Often default/last used values are stored into an INI file, what if the operator deletes or moves the INI file ? Well load the default value fron the VI tag you are sure no one will screw the VI tags ;) .

    This is what I meant by "security".

    Is there a transparent-babel fish-like animal we could stick into our eye to understand anything written in any form of language ?

    And what if I stick 42 babel fish into my ears, would it work ? :D

  3. QUOTE (normandinf @ Aug 22 2008, 08:04 PM)

    Honestly, it was more a thought experiment kind of question. I recently used lvclass tags when I was playing with cloning classes programmatically. I was wondering if VI tags would be an efficient way to go. Based on AQ's answer, it is not practical at the moment, since it cannot self-modify its own tags, so I'll let that go.

    Well... It's not too bad, the fact that the tags can't be modified is a security, no ?

    I mean.. you can store the default settings into tags and in case the INI has been removed / screwed by someone, then load the default settings from the VI tags, no ?

  4. QUOTE (Darren @ Aug 27 2008, 09:47 PM)

    Looks like I wasn't the only guy who thought Ctrl-Space was a useful key combo...


    Indeed !

    I use these :

    - "alt + space" in LabVIEW for QD

    - "ctrl + space" for spotlight

    - "apple + space" for quicksilver

  5. QUOTE (GaryTan @ Aug 26 2008, 06:24 AM)

    Hi everyone, I'm back again with question :D

    Anyone know how to use the IMAQ WindZoom Fucntion? Can explain it?

    As I need to use the zoom in and out function to analysis an image. The built-in function which appears on the display panel can only zoom in and no zoom out.



    To zoom out, select the zoom tool, hold the shit key and clic on the image display.

    The major drawback of this is that you cannot control the zoom factor accurately. To be more accurate you have to do it with a property node on the image display and use the SGL zoom factor (you can even use different factors on X and Y).

    Hope this helps

  6. QUOTE (vidur moudgil @ Aug 20 2008, 02:20 PM)

    k thanx buddy

    now like i put a case structure and have many indicators in each case,

    watr should i do to make the indicator show only when case is running any idea???

    i searched the property option for field corresponding to it couldnt find it

    Here is a quick example in LabVIEW 8.5.1 with comment on the block diagram.

    Hope this helps

  7. QUOTE (vidur moudgil @ Aug 20 2008, 11:25 AM)

    hi everybody,

    i have got a problem

    how can we make a front panel dynamic in such a way that suppose we select a case structure or press a button than the controllers and indicators corresponding to that choice r visible in the front panel not of other options??


    As far as I know you can not create controls/indicators dynamically. What you can do is place all the controls/indicators on the and use property nodes to hide/show only the controls/indicators corresponding to the selected case.

    Another way is having a tab control, and create one tab per case.

    I hope this helps.

  8. QUOTE (crelf @ Aug 19 2008, 06:16 PM)

    Not at all - I don't think you should delete it.

    Ben wanted to know how candidates "juggled demands of their time", so a direct question would be "Please give me an example of how you've effectively implemented time management."

    How about "my parents are dead so a community organization gave me money to help get me through university"? Or, "my mother left home when I was 8 and my dad is a crack user, so I used a government welfare program"? I just don't think that question has been thought out enough - there are more answers that then ones that you expect. I think engineers should definitely stick to asking technical questions, and leave the social questions to your HR departments - they've (hopefully) been trained on how to get that sort of information appropriately.

    I'm picturing an interview saying, "So, I see your experian score is below 550, so you're obviously irresponsible - what's up with that?" Is anyone else appalled by that?

    On a personal note: when I came to America, I found it more difficult than it should have been to get by as I didn't have a credit history. My credit score in Australia was 0 (yes, that's right, zero), which means perfect credit. Try explaining that to a credit issuing agency over here (it wasn't a trivial exercise to get power and telephone to our apartment). Imagine if a similar attitude was taken to job interviews?

    OK, my rant's done.

    Ok, now I think I got one point right, you can't really compare between countries. Now I think I understand why some people consider this question inappropriate.

    In France, such question is asked to know 2 things :

    - did you have a part time job during your studies (which is neither a shame, neither a proof of hard-working)?

    - did you work during the summer breaks between 2 university years?

    BUT these things always appear on a resume (still talking for I know : France), and therefore the question is an opportunity given to the interviewed person to explain what experience he got from these small jobs.

    One point for you Chris, why not asking "What useful experience do you think you got for this job from your student jobs?" :rolleyes:

    I have no idea of what the "credit history" can be, I don't think we have an equivalent in France.. but this is hardcore off topic :laugh:

  9. QUOTE (crelf @ Aug 19 2008, 04:24 PM)

    That's a terrifically horrible question, and frankly none of the interviewer's business - I'd consider a question like that borderline discrimination.

    If you really want to know more about the "candidates character and how they juggled demands of their time" then ask them direct questions about examples they can give to illustrate that. Being direct is the best route.

    I'm surprised... I was thinking this as a fair question, maybe a bit country specific because in some countries the best universities are almost free.

    I was asked this question during an interview for an internship and I know that my father (who is running an alliance member company in France) often ask this kind of question, maybe not with these words but the same idea behind.

    Why do you think this question is not direct enough ? :o

  10. Wow this is all interesting but as well quite specific.. Here in Switzerland (and it's more or less the same in France) a small company can not afford an experienced LabVIEW engineer, there are so few :o

    I know 3 alliance member companies (with less than 20 employees), they generally hire engineer with short/no experienced looking for creative and fast learning people and then they teach them LabVIEW within the company.

    The most common hiring process is to start with a 3-5 month internship right after university working. The new comer starts with NI trainings Basic I and II and then works with an experienced developer on a project. At the end of the internship you generally know if you want to hire him or find another one.

    So for the intership intrview, questions about LabVIEW are more like "Have you ever heard of LabVIEW ?" If yes, what is the correct capitalization ? :laugh:

  11. QUOTE (Yair @ Aug 17 2008, 07:18 PM)

    [..] if you say "I have 3 CLAs and 20 CLDs" you might get a better chance if they don't know you.

    I won't repeat what has been said above about how this point can help a company win projects, but it does give a fair amount of credibility inside the LabVIEW community when a company can say "all our developers are at least CLD".

  12. QUOTE (Antoine @ Jun 19 2008, 11:56 AM)

    Hi all,

    I am acquiring an analog signal with A PCI 6227 board at 40kHz, this signal comes from a microphone that measures the sound of a mechanical watch.

    As you can see on the graph below, every 166ms we see the same noise pattern that correspond to 3 shocks in the mechanism.

    I have a DAQmx task to acquire this analog signal. This is basic DAQmx.

    http://lavag.org/old_files/monthly_06_2008/post-7452-1213869344.png' target="_blank">post-7452-1213869344.png?width=400

    Now I'd like to go one step further and generate a trigger on a digital output ( to trigger an image acquisition) "as soon as possible" after detecting the first noise of the pattern.

    I'm not really familiar with DAQmx, and I don't really know what is the best way to go.

    I've tried to set a trigger generation on the threshold and to set it as automatically retriggerable, but then I get a trigger for the 3 peak of the pattern ; I'd like only one trigger on the first peak.

    Any ideas ?


    I just to let you all know, I found an easy way to exactly what I wanted with a PCI 6221 board - other boards would work as well but this is the one I had available.

    The solution is based on a LabVIEW example "Cont Gen Voltage Wfm-Int Clk-Analog Start.vi".

    Thanks to all who helped on this :)

  13. QUOTE (Darren @ May 14 2007, 08:19 PM)

    This morning I saw there was an MRUFolders in LV 8.20 topic on the LAVA Wiki. I edited it (and posted an explanation of my edit in the forum topic for the wiki article), and now the whole article is gone. Did I do something wrong and accidentally delete the topic? Was my edit offensive? What happened?


    By the way Darren, do you know why the MRU folder options disappeared in LV 8.5 ? :angry:

    Is it back in LV 8.6 ?

    I think it was cool and I miss it.


  14. QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ Aug 15 2008, 05:29 PM)

    When the Mindstorms NXT came out, I started composing nursery rhymes for teaching LabVIEW to children. Somewhere there's a video from NI Week this year of "The Execution Hilite Went Down The Wire Route".

    But I've also contemplated more adult musical fare. And one of the most interesting possibilities (to me) would be G drinking songs for the LAVA BBQ. Just imagine: a mass of LAVA users singing the joys of dataflow over flowing beer. So, I'm offering one song here. Feel free to either add verses to this one or to post your own songs.

    What Do You Do With A Broken Wire?

    (to the tune of What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor?)


    What do you do with a broken wire?

    What do you do with a broken wire?

    What do you do with a broken wire?

    __________to fix a broken VI?

    Verse 1

    Change one of its ends to an indicator!

    Change one of its ends to an indicator!

    Change one of its ends to an indicator!

    __________that'll fix the VI! (back to chorus)

    Verse 2

    Insert a node to convert the source type!

    Verse 3

    Check all ends connect to terminals!

    Verse 4

    Use control-B and just remove it!

    Final Verse (always the last verse even if more verses are added before)

    Do whatever the Error Window tells ya!

    Do whatever the Error Window tells ya!

    Do whatever the Error Window tells ya!

    __________that'll fix the VI! (Cheering and whooping)

    Don't be shy, go one step further and sing it with LV R&D :yes:

    I really like "Write in G" we sometime listen to it with a couple of "G-friends" here in Geneva !

  15. QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ Aug 11 2008, 01:14 AM)


    "click with one finger is left click, click with two fingers touching is right click".


    Wow.. after all that time "control-clicking" I didn't even now about that one :blink: , how long has it been working ?

    Thanks AQ, you've made my day a great day :worship: !

  16. QUOTE (jdunham @ Aug 10 2008, 01:22 AM)

    If you search the LabVIEW help for "extended mantissa", it comes right up.

    It says that Windows, Linux and Mac Intel, EXT is 80 bit, and Mac PowerPC is 64 bit (same as DBL).

    you should be able to cast the EXT value to a string and count the bytes, or send an email to support@ni.com; either of those would get you an authoritative answer.

    Thanks for the hint, I couldn't find it because I was using the "index" tab instead of the "search" tab in the LV context help. :rolleyes:

    So that's IEEE extended-precision format :

    EXT on Windows and MacIntel have 80bits (1,15,64) :)

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