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  1. Facts about me: in my 22 years of existence, I've never fallen in love with a girl.

  2. anyone can tell me what's the english for "pleutre"

  3. The Basics of Software Transactional Memory - http://goo.gl/3ukMa

  4. I just released a thoroughly shaved yak. That yak looks good enough to go on a date with a supermodel.

  5. Went mountain biking for the first time today. I'd call it a mixture of terrifying and exhausting - my everything hurts and I can feel my adrenal gland withering away.

  6. Just passed the CLA Exam...feeling pretty happy right now!

  7. Hermin and Newt would make an intersting pair. Give them the congress to support them. Maybe I'll get a chance to retire after all.

  8. Typical boring update that will not offend, most.

  9. Typical boring update that will not offend, most.

  10. Typical boring update that will not offend, most.

    1. jcarmody


      A.L. destroyed the republic; we're a democracy now. :P

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  11. No, let me guess. It was the George Bush Fault that casued quake.

  12. Never get to attached to anyone, Because attachments always lead to Expectations And expectations always lead to disappointments.

  13. FINALLY! The Supreme Court has announced, any person who meets Road Accidents can be taken to nearby Hospital immediately. Hospital must not ask for Police Report to admit him,its Doctors Duty to do First-aid. Police can be informed Later.Please spread this message by SHARING ON YOUR WALL.. It will help everyone!

  14. Just met a 14 year old that just passed his clad. That made my day. #NIweek

  15. Home automation fun! http://t.co/eyFLl3u (unless you love cats).

  16. Would love if some of the LabVIEW programmers out there had opinions on http://t.co/E2oN4Hf. Thanks.

  17. Gold hits new high over $1580/Oz

  18. In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. ~Terry Pratchett

    1. jcarmody


      Treat a cat as a piece of "property" and see how well that goes over. The ASPCA, Humane Society and PETA will educate you to their (cats') exalted status.

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  19. am I crazy if you use scripting to create scripting tools?

  20. Ever since #Stackoverflow and OpenID I find it hard to trust any website that asks for a username/password combo.

  21. "Buying RAM is for people who don't know how to write Algorithms." http://bit.ly/gpxhIc

  22. So I've recruited 2 other top Labview users for the FRC team. But our lead student wants to program the robot in Python. #throwmeacurveball

  23. At the First Robotics Kick off. It's time to start 6 weeks of robots, design, programming, stress, chaos, and fun.

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