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  1. Cool! RT @mballa Just met a 14 year old that just passed his clad. That made my day. #NIweek

  2. The #NIWeek session "Advanced Error Handling In LabVIEW" was very informative. Take it later this week if you can!

  3. Hanging at The Ginger Man with @crelf and Justin G. #niweek

  4. Just passed the state line headed to Austin for #NIWeek!

  5. The bags are packed for #NIWeek ready to leave tomorrow morning. Now to join some kebabs with friends.

  6. What a great prize! RT @vishots This is pure awesomeness: http://bit.ly/nX7j9U LabVIEW 1.0 Emulator LAVA door prize.

  7. Heading to pickup the rental car for #NIWeek. This looks like a great trip.

  8. Hard to say what might be happening without seeing some code. Can you post your code for us to look at ? Jason
  9. One thing I have noticed on my MAC at home is that there is limited support for some of the DAQmx features. Might be worth a call to your NI rep to ask if you are running into some kind of limitation because the evaulation/MAC combo. Jason
  10. I believe that LV2011 will be released next week during NIWeek. Keep an eye out then for the details. Jason
  11. Sharon, Check your connection there. I think you need to initialize the task and then connect the task reference to the acquisition VI. Jason
  12. Excellent! Thanks for the map. Jason
  13. jkuehn, You can do what your wanting by using dynamic events. If you search for that in the example finder I believe you will find some examples. Basically you need to pass the reference for the control of the subVI to the 'control' VI where you will register the specific type of event you want to process, mouse over, value change, etc. Jason
  14. Grilling some steaks and just relaxing. It's a nice day.

  15. Only 3 weeks to go 'til #NIWeek. I am really looking forward to it!

  16. Oh this sounds SOOO much like conversation at my house with my two boys (17 yo and 16 yo). The other day I looked at one of them and said "You know....you're going to be amazed at how much smarter I get over the next 5 years. Do what you got to do." Though lately letting the older one get the 1969 Ford F100 truck has taught some valuable lessons. Turns out I knew more than he thought about the amount of work and cost in such a project. LOL KIds....I wouldn't get rid of them for money. Usually...;-) Jason
  17. Just purchased a LAVA T-shirt and a coffee mug. Thanks for the coupon! Jason
  18. Christina's blog EyesOnVIs has a great post detailing the steps in control customization here http://blog.eyesonvi...bview-buttons/. I recommend you check that out Jason
  19. It sounds like you also have a good case for the use of a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) as discussed in the 2011 Developer Day presentation here. This covers some concepts regarding removal/substitution/inclusion of instrumentation components using LVOOP techniques. I found it quite educational and informative. All of the example code slides and scripts are there for download. The situation you are coding for sounds like the conceptual "ideal" poster child for OOP techniques. The architecture you use needs to handle the variability of hardware, tested units, operators, etc. that occur from maintenance/growth of long time use. Jason
  20. You should also check the instrument driver network on the NI site. Might be something available there that supports your device. Jason
  21. Well.....beef is a primary ingredient in BBQ. Jason
  22. I think she's making a reference to the "Keep Austin Weird" logo/saying that is part of the Austin, TX local culture.
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