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  1. Omar, Your session was great. I am really looking forward to your blog post on the topic. I think this kind of information on the "software engineering" support for LabVIEW projects is important. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Mark, Yes I would like to have the quick drop integration. Please post the VIs
  3. That's it Thanks! How did you search for things under his name? I couldn't do this....
  4. No it wasn't the Icon editor....maybe it was part of that but this was a smaller, VI manipulation piece. It centered VIs arranged connector panes, etc. Good for cleanup of old code.
  5. During a presentation at NI Week, sorry can't remember which one exactly, the presenter suggested that the "Mark Balla Tool" was a great piece of IDE support code to have. This code was a utility VI or VIs that was said to be available on the code repository. I can't seem to find it. Can anyone point me in the correct direction? Thanks WireWarrior
  6. Got my ticket and ready to go!!!
  7. Okay let me see if I have this straight. The 'Application Directory' will give me my .lvproj file directory path in the IDE and the .exe file directory path in the Run Time Environment (RTE). Did I state that correctly?
  8. Okay since I spent a while today fighting with the font size type issues between Windows XP and Windows 7 machines I really believe in the standardization between Windows OS's. Check out the link for an idea exchange for this. http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Idea-Exchange/Font-size-standardization/idi-p/1405022 In the long run this issue will vanish as the xp computers fade in to nothing but it sure would be nice if there was an easy way to manage fonts between OS's.
  9. Sounds like you need a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL). See the white paper or the webcast for more details. Searching for "hal" on the NI website will get you tons more info. As for the method your describing you could simply use the build in visa commands and then you can easily accomodate either or both solutions (USB or traditional Serial) from a programming standpoint. As for USB being more reliable, I don't really think the USB would affect the reliability as much as the autosampler itself would. Two things you might want to consider.....Why are people not buying the USB version? The underlying reason may help your decision. and two.....................................................I don't know about you but at my company we have to go through extra effort to get a computer with a serial port. They are all coming with USB's instead now. Jason
  10. Have you ever noticed that you come up with the strangest poetry AKA limericks? You know that point where you're at the end of a big push right before the holidays on that R&D item that was low priority the rest of the year....you and the team have put in lots of extra hours and at last you're waiting on that last or near to last FPGA compile that takes a while and you begin making up limericks...... Things like: The LEDs blink and flash, Around the wires the datum dash My sbRIO has the datum lost The custom board has circuits crossed &@#$% watch my RT program crash or There once was a CLD, Who went one day on a LabVIEW spree, He wired, dropped, and right clicked with cheer While keeping at hand an ice cold beer Now his code looks like spaghetti Wirewarrior
  11. Check out Darren Natingers blog. http://labviewartisan.blogspot.com/ The LabVIEW coding challenge 2012 is about to begin. I really enjoyed last years. Click "Coding Challenge 2012" to go directly to the user's group. Jason
  12. Okay what is the "allocation dot" I have not heard of that before. Sounds like a good thing to know. Thanks jason
  13. LOL...I suppose you can Aristos. Never thought of that as a feature. Jason
  14. If you are using a VIT structure doesn't that me you are creating clones. Could it be that when these clones are created that the Symantec initiates a scan of the clone. I could see where that might cause problems. Jason
  15. I prefer not to use the terminal icons. They are large and I have to double check they are not a VI especially when reviewing someone else's code. Of course, I have to admit that I did come to use the environment options more after they appeared because the first thing I did was open it and turn them off, which led me to examine other options. Jason
  16. Aristos, Instead of "leave it at that" I think you meant to say "fur-geht abou' dit". Jason
  17. Yes learning is fun, but sometimes it leaves these odd bumps on my forehead. Jason
  18. tzeeth, You might want to look at the property nodes some. There are lots of useful manipulations you can do with them to configure your UI. Jason
  19. What exactly do you mean pravin? Are you talking about a style guide? Or like a front panel layout guide? I am not sure I understand your question. Jason
  20. Not knowing alot about EtherCAT, I am not sure I can help you. I did a quick check on the EtherCAT website, and a search of the word "LabVIEW" turned up a couple of examples. Those might help? http://www.ethercat.org Good Luck Jason
  21. You might try your NI sales rep. They can sometimes have suggestions in situations like this. Jason
  22. Programming LabVIEW instead of sitting in meetings. Hooray for me!

  23. I do a lot of block diagram generation (using Dia or Visio) for larger/more complex programs. I find it helps me keep track of what needs to be done and what has been done. Also, I find it's a good way to communicate with others especially managers. They like the pretty colors. I fill completed elements with green. Jason
  24. Shopping with the wife....yay!

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