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  1. I am working on a sbRIO based speed controller to produce high precision super slow motion. Jason
  2. Strengthed your LabVIEW skills by tempering them with LAVA Jason
  3. Grats! RT @dnatt Hey look! I got more than an iPat on the back this year! #LabVIEW http://img.ly/7bwr

  4. With LabVIEW being thrown into LAVA is a growth path. Jason
  5. I imagine they will be posted in the NI Week 2011 community group or at least a link to them will. Here's the group link https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/niweek-2011?view=overview#/?tagSet=undefined you should join if you haven't. Jason
  6. Heading home after a great #NIWeek! Looking forward to next year already.

  7. 3D display built in 3 months with LabVIEW on stage during keynote at #NIWeek

  8. This is good to know RT @vishots Everything is OK‏ - #niweek http://bit.ly/pXlAI3

  9. At least the free BEvERages makes me less concerned about the looooong food line. LOL #NIWeek

  10. Warm up music at #NIWeek "PAC-man Fever"....LOL

  11. At #NIWeek there's a website usability study in the back of expo hall. Free prize. Tell Gio & Lauren that Jason, the WireWarrior, sent you

  12. To see the new products announced at the #NIWeek keynotes check out http://www.ni.com/day.

  13. Cool! RT @mballa Just met a 14 year old that just passed his clad. That made my day. #NIweek

  14. The #NIWeek session "Advanced Error Handling In LabVIEW" was very informative. Take it later this week if you can!

  15. Hanging at The Ginger Man with @crelf and Justin G. #niweek

  16. Just passed the state line headed to Austin for #NIWeek!

  17. The bags are packed for #NIWeek ready to leave tomorrow morning. Now to join some kebabs with friends.

  18. What a great prize! RT @vishots This is pure awesomeness: http://bit.ly/nX7j9U LabVIEW 1.0 Emulator LAVA door prize.

  19. Heading to pickup the rental car for #NIWeek. This looks like a great trip.

  20. Hard to say what might be happening without seeing some code. Can you post your code for us to look at ? Jason
  21. One thing I have noticed on my MAC at home is that there is limited support for some of the DAQmx features. Might be worth a call to your NI rep to ask if you are running into some kind of limitation because the evaulation/MAC combo. Jason
  22. I believe that LV2011 will be released next week during NIWeek. Keep an eye out then for the details. Jason
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