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  1. Hoovah, Okay that makes sense. I suppose extending on that idea you could have a "planned" communication graph and an "actual" communication graph as well. Doing that lets the tool be used as a verification piece also. I wonder....does the state machine tool kit have features/functions that could be co-opted to assist with this?
  2. I guess maybe I am missing something but what exactly does this information tell you? I can see the graph as representative of the relationships but how does that help? Do you have like a use case example that you could walk me through to show how the data is used? Wire Warrior
  3. Hello all, After trying to find an answer to a issue I was having with Requirements Gateway last week and not finding a users group, I have created a Requirements Gateway User Group on the communities and I invite you all to join. There isn't much content at the moment since it's still a bit of a fledgling. Please join and add your content, questions, and tips. You can join by going to https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/requirements-gateway-users-group See you there. Wire Warrior
  4. That depends on the mechanism being used to transfer the data. Is it serial? TCP/IP? FTP? Once you answer that use the Example Finder to look up the protocol type along with log to file and you should see some examples you can use as guides for building your own program.
  5. Am I right you can't bundle it into a cluster? That would seem to be the problem it had with my use in the JKI State Machine. Giving the dynamic class its own shift register eliminated the problem which is consistent with what you say above I think?
  6. Well what is your project model? If it's a robot you might want to look at the Robotics Simulation tools.
  7. Okay, I completely garbled the errors. That's what I get for hurrying. There are two errors one was what Jack Dunaway posted above and the other was "Run-time type not propagted from dynamic input to dynamic output". Making my VI non-dynamic caused that to go away.
  8. Okay that makes me want to ask a question. I was using a class in a dialog subVI. The class value is passed into the subVI to be modified by the user in the pop-up. I had based my dialog on the JKI string based state machine which has a data initialize state in the while loop. When I placed my input class control inside the loop and my output class control outside the loop, the VI broke and the error was that re-entrant class couldnot be used that way. When I got to looking my data accessors which were programmatically created by the IDE were set to re-entrant. I didn't expect that to be the default behavior. This is with a less than 2 week old install of LV2012 (not sp1) on a virgin machine. Thoughts?
  9. NI offers this 16-port serial card to plugin to your computer. http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/207740 Probably be your best solution. Details below. NI PCIe-8430/16 (RS232) High-Performance, 16-Port RS232 Interface for PCI Express E-mail this Page Configure Page for: Print PDF Rich Text Zoom/Alternate Images Compatible with Windows and LabVIEW Real-Time OSs Flexible standard and nonstandard baud rates from 2 baud to 1,000,000 baud Better than 0.015 percent accuracy for standard baud rates and 0.5 percent for nonstandard rates High-speed DMA interface and 128 B transmit and receive FIFOs minimize CPU overhead Includes two 8-port breakout cables (68-pin VHDCI to eight D-Sub 9-pin male ports) NI-Serial driver includes free NI-VISA API for easy programming
  10. The node you want to use is the Call Library Function Node. If you look up DLLs in the Find Examples utilty (accessed via the help menu) you will get some examples. The LV2012 help file can be found at http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361J-01/glang/call_library_function/. It should also be installed with your LabVIEW installation. This page tells how to configure it: http://zone.ni.com/reference/fr-XX/help/371361J-0114/lvexcodeconcepts/configuring_the_clf_node/ There is also more information on ni.com. You can search there as well.
  11. Glad to hear your group was unharmed.
  12. If you are deploying on a different computer, then you need to include the NI-VISA Runtime 5.3 installer when you build the installer. Might be necessary to include the NI-Serial 3.9.1 too. These are under the additional installers tab in the installer properties.
  13. If their drivers are in the form of DLLs then you can use an external code node to call them. That usually works pretty well.
  14. what is labSSH? Is that a product of National Instruments? I am unaware of it.
  15. Unless you care about covering the whole screen you can just leave the panel size alone and use it as is. I do agree with hoovahh that the resize function doesn't work well.
  16. or use a local variable if it's an indicator.
  17. Yet another reason to load Minecraft onto my Raspberry Pi
  18. Assuming your new laptop is using Windows 7 you can use the native zoom feature described here on Lifehacker....http://lifehacker.com/5802134/shortcuts-for-quickly-zooming-in-and-out-of-any-windows-application
  19. For our re-usable code we like to have a separate project for the "library" where maintainance is performed. These are put in source code control and we never link directly to the VIs in the project area. When use VI Package Manager (VIPM) to build VI packages to place the VI's in a custom location in the user.lib folder. This has worked well for us with multiple developers through two LabVIEW upgrades. We are still working with the community version of VIPM since I can convince the boss man to spring for the pay version(s) that would let us manage distribution easier.
  20. I also found this paraody of it......I give you " "
  21. Sounds like a job for DETT....Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit.
  22. The "Awkward Horse Dance" as my son calls it is quite amusing but does appear to be within my "white boy" dance skills. Hilarious video that I didn't quite grasp portions of LOL.
  23. Did I read that right ShaunR? If I right click on a name node it will let me hide the long names? That's awesome. Thanks I didn't know that.
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