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Congrats Daklu

Black Pearl

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Thanks for the kind words Felix.

I showed your post to my wife and she said, "I like this Felix guy." I thought maybe it was because of the nice compliment. Silly me. It's because you have Johnny Depp as an avatar. :lol:

Thanks for your KillerKiloposts !

Any time I have spare grey matter to toss around I will try to catch-up on your thoughts.

Take care,


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I just realized that one of the most outstanding members of this community has passed the 1k post limit. :star:

Thank you Daklu for all the discussions we had. I'm looking forward to read the next 1k posts! :thumbup1:


I would also like to congratulate my new friend ;) on reaching his 1K post birthday.

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Who is Loopy? biggrin.gif And doesn't she mind?

Extending the pun with a Pittsburgh twist...

Years aago I was helping Mister Roger's Neighborhood with a printer problem. It was a unique experience. I came away thinking that acting like Mr Rogers was a req to work there. I told them iswould be couple of days before the printer would work and wa about to cover my head (since that is when customers want to hit you) when my contact replied "That's OK Ben, want a cookie?". So on my return trip the admin assiatanst wanted autographs so i got them sorta what the they wanted.

Now the real nut-case in that gang ws Mr McFeely how is actually the author of all those shows. He had an office with pidgeon holes up the the ceiling with all of the old scripts. When he asked who the autograph was for and I indicated one of the secretaries he signed his photo with the message;

"Stop down some time and find out how I got my name."


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