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2011 LAVA/OpenG NI-Week Bar-B-Q


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Update 2011-08-01: There are now 16 tickets left and online ticket sales are closed. Find Justin at NIWeek and pay $30 cash to get a ticket. See Justin's post at the end of this thread for more details.

Where can you find cold beers, hot mesquite BBQ, and cool times with all your friends from LAVA, OpenG, and the LabVIEW community at large? At the 2011 LAVA / OpenG NIWeek Bar-B-Q!

This yearly tradition brings together all your best online (and real-life!) friends from LAVA (LabVIEW Advanced Virtual Architects), OpenG (home of LabVIEW's open source community), and even the leaders in NI LabVIEW R&D. Come enjoy great barbecue with great people away from the hustle & bustle of the convention floor.

Menu*: Mesquite BBQ beef brisket, chicken, and pork ribs. Potato salad, pinto beans, and coleslaw, and iced tea. There'll be a cash bar, and they have a great selection of brews.

Date: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011, 7:00 PM (after the NI-Week "Block Diagram Party")

Location: Scholz Garten, 1607 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701

Cost: $30 per person

How to buy a ticket: Online ticket sales closed. Find Justin at NIWeek and pay $30 cash in person.

*Vegetarian food is available on request -- PM Justin here for info.

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Darn! We are going to miss you, Cat.

I'll miss all of you, especially hanging with the Chick Posse (that means you, too, Norm :P )


I agree!

However, since I'm not really sure yet if I'm even going to have a paycheck starting Monday, this probably isn't a good time to bring it up with my boss....

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I'm new here, but I definitely would like to join! I'm actually a Labview newbie as well, but hopefully I will have some decent experience under my belt by the time NI week rolls around. I miss Austin BBQ. Nothing in Houston comes close =(.

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Count me in, and I guess I'm being DNatt's ticket gofer and +1 him too.

Same place again eh? We starting a tradition or getting lazy?


US Fed gov't shutdown. But, there's yet another Continuing Resolution, so I have a paycheck for at least another week.

Otherwise I'd be traveling to Michigan looking for a LV job. :P

Michigan??!!! Pfffft, Austin baby, Austin

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Same place again eh? We starting a tradition or getting lazy?

Yes, and yes.

Seriously though, there just aren't that many places within walking distance of the ACC that could accomodate us. The general consensus at last year's BBQ (which may have been fuelled by beer) was that it was good and that we should have it there again this year.

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So.... is anyone interested in coming to the BBQ? Don't all post at once...

How are you going to get all the politicians out of there? It was alleged, when I was down in Austin at the U of Texas, that more laws had been passed in Sholz's than in the capitol.

Kerry and I would love to attend!

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Got my two tix ordered. Have to find out if my Dad wants to come, he enjoyed the LAVA BBQ's at the Salt Lick, in fact my sister won Jim Kring's book in the raffle! We are getting acclimated for the weather, hitting 95 today in this part of New York, very hot for here, particularly for this time of year.

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