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Highlight cell in array of clusters


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i have question about array of clusters. I want to do some list of commands where i use table of arrays. In array are 2 tables one string and one image controller. I found code that find me active (clicked cell in this array but is there any way how to highlight this cell? I tried to changed background color of this cluster but this change color for whole table. Can you help me. My program is attached.



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Make the background of the cluster transparent, and place another control behind it, and move that control depending on which one is selected


Place a boolean indicator (like the square LED one) in your cluster, behind the other controls. You can set the false/true color of that indicator to whatever you want, and when the active cell changes, scroll through your array and set that value to false for every item, except the one that is selected.

See screenshot of 20 seconds of work :P I think you should be able to do something nice that way


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