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How to update all functions of a wrapper

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Hi guys,

I have a wrapper to a DLL which was written in C, now the DLL used from the wrapper was updated to a new version, so I have to reload the DLL into the "Call library function" for each function of the wrapper that I've already created and it is a very boring job.

Therefore, I would like to know if exists a trick to use to update all functions of a dll wrapper in one shot? Does it exist?

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I'm not sure what updates you want to make, but it's certainly possible to use VI server to obtain a reference to the CLF node and then change its configuration according to what you want. Here's one way:

  1. Enable scripting access.
  2. Create a VI that goes over a directory of VIs and opens a reference to each.
  3. For each VI, use the traversal VI in vi.lib (I think it's in Utility\traverseref.llb) to get all the CLFNs in the VI (presumably there's only one in each).
  4. Cast the reference down to the correct class and use the relevant properties.
  5. Call the Save method on the VI.

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