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Extract EXCEL sheet contents into 2D array.


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I'm having a excel database with me. The excel sheet contains different data types.

Column A consists of seriall Number (Integer), Column B consists of instrument description (Strings), Column C consists of model Number (Number with special characters), Column D consists of instrument Calibration date (Date), Column E consists of instrument Calibration due date and so on......

What i want to do is that i need to extract the excel sheet's content in to 2D array.

And using array functions i want to compare the date and accordingly i want to do some calibration alert system.

the questions is how i can make a 2D array from a excel sheet consists of different data types?

any help?


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Just be aware that the spreadsheet to array functions will work if you save to a csv or tab delimted file from excel, but the XLS or XLSX files are harder to get into LabVIEW because they have to come in through automation of office rather than acting on them directly (unless there are some third party tools out there for it now).



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In an array the datatypes are always the same type.

You could read the spreadsheet as strings and at the time you want to do comparisons convert the string to the type you want

You can read data using spreadsheet VI. but is is difficult to convert time stamp data into labview format.

For this you can try follwing link. It will also help you to read data from excel.





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