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John Lokanis

Cleaning up code for reuse

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I have been re-factoring and cleaning up some old code for packaging into reuse libraries. After doing several common edits to each file, I decided to automate the process a bit. The result was a simple tool to adjust the controls, panel positions, connector pane, add error clusters and comments.

I decided to share it here so others could borrow some of my ideas and suggest more. As it is, this is saving me a lot of editing time. I hope you find it helpful too.

Prep for reuse.zip


One improvement I would like to make is for it to scan all open VIs in all application instances on the machine. Right now, it must run in the same app instance as the target VI.

Any ideas how to get references to all app instances active on a target machine?

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Hey John back in 2009 I posted my latest version of my SubVI fixer to the CR.

It was mainly created to wire and clean up a front panel after a subvi was created but there is some overlap with your tool set.

I've posted videos as well to demonstrate how it works. There may be some additional tools that you might find useful.



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