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Anyone have a G version of "Search Results" dialog that I can use?

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I've got a tool that searches through a bunch of VIs for stuff. That part was easy. Now I've got an array of GObject refnums, I need to present the results to the user as a list that the user can click on to visit each of the found items. Basically, I want the functionality of the Search Results Dialog Box, but without the search part. The one built into LV has no exposed API. Is there a publicly available replica that someone has built? My Googling around didn't find anything, and I really would prefer not to reinvent that particular wheel if I can avoid it. 

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I think combining that what PiDi gave, with a single column listbox, and an event structure that gets triggered on the Double Click, event would get you most of the way there.  You can also try to capture a <CTRL> + G on the OS to go to the next.  I think the Initialize Keyboard an Acquire input would work.

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I can build the jump to diagram easily enough -- I've written many jump-to-highlight behaviors. I'm looking for someone who has already built all the label displaying, tree organizing, keyboard shortcuts, event handling, dialog resizing, etc. That's hours of work, and if it already exists out in the world, I'd rather reuse than build it. 

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