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Subject: ArT_Actors: A Step beyond Actor Framework 3.0?

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I've started a discussion with the same subject on the Actor Framework NI Community Site. You can view the discussion and download ArT_Actors White Paper (Draft) here.

It makes sense keeping the thread in a single location - please reply & post on the Actor Framework site. Please find a copy of my original post attached (purely for your convenience :))





I’ve been recently looking for a cool Messaging Solution for my new OO LabVIEW Framework. Actor Framework seems to be the best thing in town these days – but, out of the box, it does not provide support for some of my [dear] personal programming habits … so I made an effort to create a custom AF extension - but ended up with a somewhat different implementation of the Command Design Pattern.

Major deviations from AF3.0 include introducing the notion of Actor API (a new class hierarchy) and splitting Actor class into purely Functional Domain entity (Actor class) and purely Messaging Domain entity (Actor Component class). Please see attached ArT_Actors White Paper Draft for details.

It would be quite interesting to know how many of you consider items 1 – 6 (in the Analysis section) important for your projects and to get a crude priority rating for each (Critical| Important | Don’t Care).

I would also appreciate getting feedback on the overall design from those, who have time and patience to go through the White Paper Draft (pick 1 or 2 features you like/dislike most).

I am arriving in Austin on Sunday, heading back to Bay Area after lunch on Friday. For those going to NI Week - we can get together and discuss the subject in person :beer_mug: .

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