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How do I find the Mark Balla Tool?

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During a presentation at NI Week, sorry can't remember which one exactly, the presenter suggested that the "Mark Balla Tool" was a great piece of IDE support code to have. This code was a utility VI or VIs that was said to be available on the code repository. I can't seem to find it. Can anyone point me in the correct direction?



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Here is the step by step of how to call the fixer via Quick Drop.

1: Place the Call Fixer Plugin.vi and subvi folder

QD plugin Call Fixer.zip

in the

National Instruments-LabVIEW 2011-resource-dialog-QuickDrop-plugins


2: Open Quick Drop (Ctrl-Space) and click on the shortcuts button


3: Go to the shortcut key tab


4: Select the Call Fixer Plugin from the list and assign a control key.


The plugin assumes that you have placed the Subvi fixer in the

LabVIEW 2011-project-PROGRAM TOOLS


If the fixer is not in this folder then you will need to modify the Call Fixer.vi


Let me know if this works or you have anymore questions.


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