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Executables have menu and window title with strange font

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Hi folks,

I have created an executable with LV 2011 and I have found an unexpected behaviour of my application: the VI's menu uses an unreadable font or charset.

When I run the same VI from LabVIEW (i.e. the source code), I see the standard LabVIEW menu.


Above you see the screenshot of panel executed from LabVIEW IDE, below you see the same VI executed in my .exe app.


browsing submenus I see the strange font in every submenu. Instead, labels and captions on panel have standard font.

In past, I have built other applications on the same machine, all worked fine.

Have you any idea? are there special settings in build spec.?


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Hi Neil,

I added the three lines to the .ini file , listed below, but the issue remains.




server.tcp.serviceName="My Computer/VI Server"







appFont = "0" 13

dialogFont = "2" 13

systemFont = "1" 13

I wonder: if the VI loads a different font, which is that font name?

With the font name, I can search it into the LV project...

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