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How to read installer version number programmatically?

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I need to read the installer version number (not the exe version number) programmatically.  Is there any way?


I have a bundled software which has multiple EXE's under one installer.  Commonly I use the installer version number for reference and want to show it up to the user.  Is there any way to get the installer's version number instead of executable's version number?



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If this is an NI installer, look at the Setup.ini file in the same directory as the EXE.  In there is a section for the Distribution, and in there is a key for Version which is the version of the installer.


I have some code that's not quite complete, which performs automatic updates, and it does this by seeing if a version on a server is newer than the installed version.  By looking at the registry you can see the version of the installer that was last installed using the GUID found in the installer.  Then there's the added work of seeing if an EXE in the installer is currently running, and if it is, don't perform the upgrade automatically but instead wait, or prompt the user to close it.

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Thanks for your reply.  The setup.ini file is located in installer build location whereas I want to read the version number from executable.  In my scenario, I will not have access to the setup.ini after the installation of software.  In such case, the extraction of version from registry seems potential solution.  Could you please give me more idea on hot to extract it from registry?  I'm unfamiliar with GUID.


Thanks for crosslinking the post  http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/How-to-read-installer-version-number-programmatically/m-p/3241311#M943667



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