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May I use LabVIEW for commercial software?

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Hi all,

I would like to use the labview for building the PC software for my product that will gonna sell on the market soon. (commercial product)

I will use the VISA and just basic component on labview.


Can I do something like that?

What is the labview license that I need to buy?


Any suggestion would be appreciated much.


Thank you in advance.

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You will need the App Builder, which comes with the Professional version.  In order to run your EXE, you will have to install the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine (RTE).  Also be sure to read all of the EULA for LabVIEW.  There's language in there that you have to put NI's copyright for LabVIEW in an About Box and/or elsewhere in your application.  I'm a little fuzzy on the exact details at the moment.

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Thought I would update this thread to let everyone know that apparently NI has (recently?) updated their EULA to include the following useful loophole (emphasis mine):


You include the following copyright notice "Copyright [insert year] National Instruments Corporation.  All Rights Reserved." in the Authorized Application's About Box (if applicable) and in (i) any applicable written documentation or, (ii) if no such documentation exists, in a "read me" or other .txt file distributed with each copy of the Authorized Application; (you may instead, or in addition, include your own copyright notice with the notice(s) required above, but in no event may you remove or alter any copyright, patent, trademark, or other legal notices or disclaimers that exist in the SOFTWARE


I have no idea what moved NI Legal to make this change to the EULA, but I think it's a good change!  Perhaps NI finally figured out that it wasn't a good idea to have people indiscriminately slapping the NI copyright notice onto the About Box of shoddily-written end-user applications??

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You reminded me of an interesting post where Altenbach noticed according to NI legal you can't use the word LabVIEW in a sentence, among other strange legal-eze.




I'm unsure if it is NI legal that is crazy or the whole system.  In either case I'm always glad to hear changes in legal that simplifies things, or allows more control as a user of their tools.

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