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Using EtherNet/IP Industrial Comms to listen to Allan Bradley PLC

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Hi everyone,


I've got a problem that I'm desperately in need of assistance.  


The basic setup is that I've got a SLC5/05 Allan Bradley PLC system communication to a screen (HMI).  I've thrown an ethernet switch in between the PLC and screen and everything continues to work correctly.  I have then connected a CompactRIO to the switch, which has been setup to 'sniff' the PLC tag packets.  This works successfully using the Industrial EtherNet/IP Communications LabVIEW Module.  


The problem I'm having is on a second set of hardware, where PLC tag reading works on 1 PLC, but not another.  I am also physically using a different cRIO, but with the exact same hardware and cRIO image has been copied.  The PLC hardware and firmware should also be the same as well.  All IP addresses are the same for both systems, and the PLC can be pinged successfully.  Actually, as far as I'm concerned it's a duplicate system in every way.  


I can also tell you that when I request for a PLC tag reading, I get the following error code -251723745.  I've spoken to NI who say that this is not a generic LabVIEW error but relates to a PCCC status error whose code is 0xF0.  This error is within range used to indicate Object Class Specific errors.  However, I don't know enough about AB PLC systems to understand what this means.  


Is there anyone who can help me?  Anyone with similar experiences or troubles with EtherNet/IP protocol using LabVIEW. 




Brenton Lang





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