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Cannot view any content (Lavag.org Driver Error)

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I'm trying to view some forums and material posted here.  Any time I do, I get a page that says Lavag.org Driver Error, suggests I "reload" (doesn't work) or Notify Administrator (this message).  I've tried getting in using IE and Chrome, same errors.  I'm kind of surprised I was able to Post a New Topic ...

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This is a Site Feedback and Support forum question.



Michael has mentioned in some posts that there's a dead-man switch that he needs to kick every day to keep lavag up :)


Actually, he said if lava's down, ping him somehow and he can bring it back - can't find the post where he mentioned it, though.

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Hey folks.


The issue that Hooovahh reported to me was that some tables in the mysql database got corrupted. Doing a simple repair on them fixed the issue. The server is fully managed. I just sent a support ticket to the server hosting company and they quickly fixed it.


Now the current issue may be related to resource starvation during peak loads. There's a slider I can adjust; more resources = more money. I will slide it up one notch to see if it solves the problem.

I looked at the resource usage for the past few weeks and it seems that there was a few times where the server hit the limit on Ram usage. Maybe that was the cause. Who knows. If you still see the issue, report it here with a screenshot so I can get the hosting company involved.

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