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Programmatically Exit Without Save

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I'm working on a build server to be launched from Jenkins and a plugin to smooth the use of Jenkins with LabVIEW. I hope to post some results soon!


One problem I am having. I wanted to distribute the build server as source code as it will enable additional features in the development environment over a built EXE. To aid the process, rather than distributing multiple versions and have to create a new distribution for every version.


The problem with this is that when it tries to exit, unless it is in the version it was created in (2011) it prompts for a save. I'm sure I saw some option somewhere to sliently close LabVIEW without a save dialog but cannot find it anywhere!


Was I dreaming or is there something in Scripting/Super Secret Stuff which could do this?




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You could fake the execution state (set it to stopped=2) set the 'DoNotShowSavedChangesDialog' to True and then invoke FP.close.


Smells like something, maybe that is why there is so much brown on the BD.....

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How do you open the VI?

If you have a deamon application that connects to your LabVIEW via VI Server (I would give each LV instance it's own TCP/IP port), and then use the Open VI Reference node it should not display the dialogue per default.



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In this thread I posted a VI that wraps a private function to suppress LabVIEW dialogs. Standard disclaimer here about using private functionality in production code, etc. etc.

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