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Errors when writting to an external encrypted USB hard drive

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I am having some issues with errors when I am writting to an external USB drive.  The errors appear to be random.  I was able to get a log of the errors.  I have attached the VI that I am having issues with.  The code number for the error is 1.


Endless File Write_rev1.vi


6/23/2014  18:55:9.864 : 8 : 1 : Get File Size in Endless File Write_rev1.vi:2590003->SPI User Interface test1_rev1.vi : Indicator of multiple errors : 2
6/23/2014  18:55:10.886 : 0 : 6 : Open/Create/Replace File in Endless File Write_rev1.vi:2590003->SPI User Interface test1_rev1.vi<APPEND>
H:GDataGDaqData HS_00039.efd : Indicator of multiple errors : 2
6/23/2014  18:55:11.910 : 1 : 6 : Open/Create/Replace File in Endless File Write_rev1.vi:2590003->SPI User Interface test1_rev1.vi<APPEND>
H:GDataGDaqData HS_00040.efd : Indicator of multiple errors : 2
6/23/2014  18:55:12.934 : 1 : 6 : Open/Create/Replace File in Endless File Write_rev1.vi:2590003->SPI User Interface test1_rev1.vi<APPEND>
H:GDataGDaqData HS_00041.efd : Indicator of multiple errors : 2


The error appears to start with the "Get File Size" vi in the VI that I have attached.  Once that happens it appears that I can't access the file or hard drive.  Not sure if the real problem is with the "Get File Size" vi or if is just when the drive access is messed up.


The VI will write to a file until it's size is greater than 62.5K.  Once that happens the file is closed and the file name is indexed and the new file is open.  The errors appear to have happened on a file index increment becuase the last file that was written was 62.5K.


The only error handling that is part of this VI is that if there is an error opening the file the file name is indexed and used for the next time the data is written.  I wanted to know is there was any other kind of error handling that I should put in this to handle file errors.  Or maybe to reset the USB port possibly?  Are there possibly any waits that I should put into this sequence of step?


The drive I am using is from imation and the model number is H100 1TB.  I am also using LabVIEW 2013 SP1.


If you need any more information or have questions please let me know.


Thanks for your help.


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