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Calling Own Modules/Scripts through LabPython

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I try to use LabPython with Python 2.7.8. After some difficulties in the beginning I am now able to run simple scripts and also import certain modules, for example the following:

import numpy

sampling = 1/timestep
millivoltage = numpy.std(voltage)*1000

But if I now try to add a def statement (like the one below) to the script, the VI gets stuck at PYTHON Execute Script (if it is called) or throws a ZeroDivisionError (if it is just added but not called in the script):

def test():
     return 0

Are there certain things that are forbidden when using LabPython like certain statements? I just noticed that I have to put the def to the beginning.


If I now try to add a self written module to python and try to load it the PYTHON Execute Script VI freezes as well. I attached the file.

What would be the right way to use a self written module in LabPython? Can I put the file somewhere, where LabPython is checking? In which directory is LabPython running?


Furthermore I wonder if there is any way to run a script file in LabPython, or do I always have to copy the code to a String-Box?


Best, Erik


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It seems like I can track down the issue to the use of certain modules that cannot be imported. In particular LabPythons Execute Script VI freezes when I try to import

- scipy.signal

- scipy.optimize.curve_fit


I don't know what is special about them compared with other modules like scipy.constants.

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