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Split array based on value

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I have an array that is already sorted. I want to find or write a VI that returns a subset of this array based on a minimum and a maximum values that I define.


For example, if the array contains [0,1,2,3,4,5] and I set min = 2.9 and max = 4.1, the function should return [3,4]. So far the only way I can think of is to take each element starting at index 0 and compare it to the minimum. When I find a value that is greater than the minimum, I start comparing each following element to the maximum. When a value is greater than the maximum, I can stop the execution and return what I have collected. Although this would work, it seems light-years away from being optimized... I can't find any LabVIEW or OpenG functions that does this.


I can't use the Search function since the minimum and maximum values might not match any element in the array...


Ideas appreciated :)

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Nope, it works regardless of the gap size between elements-- array  =[1,10,100,1000,10000,100000] with min =99 and max=10001 works just as well, returning [100,1000,10000] . But be sure to do bounds checking on min and max, so an empty array is returned if they are out of bounds.

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