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Problem with NI Device Loader and cDAQ-9171

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I've been struggling with this problem for months now... I want to use a cDAQ9171+NI-9234 with an Advantech PC (AIMB-580). I have 3 computers like this and all with the same problem. I plug the USB cDAQ-9171, Windows detect the device and loads the proper driver (cDAQ-9171), it is displayed in MAX but self-test or reset always fails with error. At the same time, NI Devive Loader service hangs up. If I try to restart or stop this service it cannot complete the operation, the only way to finish this operation is to unplug the usb cable from the PC, then the service restarts correctly. Additionally the windows' event logger shows the next error message:



[nidevldu] Fatal: Fail to load device "cDAQ1" (cDAQ-9171) during batch 9.

-50101 NI Platform Services: the requested resource does not exists or exists but is in a state which prevents its reservation. The operation could not be completed as specified.





[nidevldu] Fatal: Fail to load device "cDAQ1" (cDAQ-9171) during batch 8.

-50808 NI Platform Services: a USB transfer failed. Due to a transaction reported by the USB host controller. This may be due to fault in the system's USB host controller, a USB cable, or a USB device.


In one PC I re-installed Windows, installed DAQmx 14 and the problem was still there, this is with a Windows fresh-install... After this, I removed DAQmx 14 and installed DAQmx 9.8 (supplied in CD) and the it worked!!! I upgraded to DAQmx 9.9 and it was still working, so I stoped there as it was all I needed (9.8 has some bugs with NI-9234 that 9.9 solves).


One thing to note, when it works, Windows first install cDAQ-9171 driver, but then inmediatly it changes to USB flash firmware updater, after this it returns again to load cDAQ-9171 and detects the NI-9134. When it don't work it only installs the cDAQ-9171 and doesn't load anything more...


I tried in a second PC to repeat the process, but I have been not able to repeat the success, only the fail... I get the same error every time I plug the USB and I have not idea of what else try... I have disabled UAC, cleared the MAX data, reinstall windows 2 times, tried with DAQmx 9.8, 9.9 and 14. Forced USB flash firmware updater as Windows driver, changed BIOS settings (disable hyper-threading, VT extensions, USB legacy, etc.). I am almost sure that it is some kind of weird incompatibility or similar, the thing is that NI device loader always hangs-up. In the next days I'm going to try to copy the same exact configuration of BIOS from the working PC, just to be sure.


Any recommendation?

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few days ago a NI engineer tried to solve the problem comming to my office, but failed to find a solution. After some trial and error and some research I found the problem. I have to enable the Intel C-STATE technology in the BIOS settings under the CPU options. It looked like it was a problem related to energy and power states...


Thank you anyway.

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That's quite an obscure problem. Thanks for sharing your solution!

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