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how to ouput a single pulse using CO?

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Hello there!

I am using a PCI-6110 DAQ and the purpose is to synchronize a DO with some AO.something like this:



Now, im using AO/StartTrigger to trigger a DO,however,this works fine on PXIe-6341(another card for test),but unable to work on PCI-6110

there is an error -200077 and it asks me to change sampTimingType from SampTime to OnDemand,obvious there is no such thing in DAQmx Timing VI.

Finally I choose to use a Timing Node to set sampTimingType as OnDemand, and a new error -200452 come.


Is there a way to solve this problem?

By the way,this VI would run on a LV2012 computer ,so some newer function may not work.

Here I post a example VI :


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