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Strongly require Zoom function in diagram

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Thus users can easily zoom in and out simply by using Ctrl+Scroll button(Mouse Middle button), just like AutoCAD.


The Idea exchange is where you need to float ideas like this. Add it to the list.of other people who have requested zoom and been denied.


The current feeling is that if you think you need zoom; you are not making use of sub VIs (and don;t ask us to maintain your code :D )

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The current feeling is that if you think you need zoom; you are not making use of sub VIs

I agree with this, but would also like to add, from NI's perspective this would be a larger task than users may think.  Just adding something like a Windows magnifier isn't good enough.  First the graphics won't scale well.  NI developed LabVIEW in the 80s before there was much of a standard in vector based graphics for images.  Scaling an image to an arbitrary size would really need sets of images that scale well, and not just icons, but wires and other graphical objects as well.


Also if I move a wire one pixel with an arrow key, how would that operation be changed if I'm zoomed way in?  or zoomed way out?  Does it still move by some 1 pixel standard?  So if I'm zoomed in moving on pixel with the arrow key would move multiple pixels on the screen, or when zoomed out it might not look like it moved at all.


Oh and I think this is the idea that got the most attention on zoom.



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