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Array of ComboBoxes each Need a different dropdown list


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Hi All,


I am trying to make a control that has a textbox on the left and a text/combobox on the right in a scrollable box. I have tried to do this so far by making a cluster of the two and then having an array of that cluster. But, when I try to do this whatever I add as an edit item in any combobox is then automatically added to every other combo box in the list. I would like it so I can have different dropdown lists for each combobox in the list.


Any help welcome!




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So far as I know this isn't possible to work around since its an array. However it should be possible to get a "Mouse Down?" or similar event on the combo box which would potentially allow you to figure out which index you are at and then fill in the elements programmatically. The values would still be identical for all combo boxes in the front panel, but the user wouldn't know because the values change every time they click.


On the other hand, if you were just getting ready to manually edit each combo box's values by hand, it may be just as well if you simply make a cluster with all the combo boxes you need.

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