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Xilinx Compilers and Windows 10


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Has anyone tested, or found any information (or heard any rumors) with regard to compatibility of the current LabVIEW FPGA (Xilinx) compilers with Windows 10? I am guessing it is the same issues as with Windows 8 (not compatible), but I thought I would ask  :)

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At NI Week I asked about this and they said the only compiler supported is the newest ones.  I believe they said Vivado.




That being said if you have an active SSP you don't need to compile your FPGA yourself anymore.  NI now includes the free cloud compile for up to 5 simultaneous compilations.



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My understanding is that the latest version of the Xilinx Vivado compiler is supported by Windows 8 (and I assume 10). I think the problem is NI isn't using the latest Vivado compiler that Xilinx has available. The cloud compile is not an option for my use cases; lack of internet connectivity being a big one.


Thanks for the update, smithd.

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