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Calling a bash script on RT target programmatically

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The task is simple - call Florence virtual keyboard on a CompactRIO programmatically but I must be overlooking something as I cannot get it to work...

I have Florence installed with opkg and I also made a little bash script to call it. When I execute it from CompactRIO terminal - everything works but if I try to call the script from my application using SytemExec VI - I get the echo output from my script and the error code is 0 but the virtual keyboard does not start. Seems like a trivial problem but I am stuck here...

Can someone explain to me what I've done wrong here and/or, maybe, suggest a better way of doing it, please?


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Have you installed sudo and added the lvuser to the sudoders list? If you are calling a script make sure lvuser has access to the file (ownership defaults to admin if you have transferred it onto the device logged on as admin).

The LabVIEW RT Linux site has some threads with pointers for this, like these:


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I think Mads method will work. I think it's frowned on, but probably the most straightforward. Alternatively you could figure out what permissions are set on the script file and required for the operations it calls, then make all of those executable by the lvuser. All of this is annoying enough in linux, but then Linux RT user permissions and file permissions are even more complicated than usual as some permissions are reset on boot.

This pdf is a good reference and I think is still valid despite its age.


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