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Hosted DB & LabVIEW

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First check that your host provider does allow external connections to the database server. Almost every webspace provider nowadays lets you choose to install mySQL, (usually as MariaDB now) in your webspace environment so you can implement webstores, blogs and what else on your hosted website. However most do not allow connections to that database from outside the virtual website environment for security reasons.

Once you determined that such external connections are allowed you have to determine which type of database server is used. Besides mySQL (MariaDB), you can also get hosted database servers based on MS-SQL or possibly even Oracle, for some high throughput commercial services, and that will largely influence the possible selection of your interfacing strategy. The SQL Toolkit you so profoundly excluded would support almost all possible servers. Alternatives are LabSQL, which is based on the same ADO interface that the SQL Toolkit uses, or the ADO-Tool.

Depending on the used server you might also get lucky with the mySQL native driver from Saphir.

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