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    • By The Q
      Join us at NIWeek 2019!
      Contributors of labviewwiki.org, (including future contributors), can add to their ribbon collection by finding an admin during NIWeek or at the LAVA BBQ!
      See you there!

    • By Mark Balla
      Please see the above link to download the videos
      The NIWeek 2014 Videos are compressed and ready for down load from Tecnova's ftp server

      I would strongly recommend using an ftp client to transfer them to your computer.

      A web browser may work but if you want to download multiple videos the ftp client makes things much easier.

      My ftp client of choice is FileZilla and it is free.

      FileZilla can be downloaded at http://filezilla-project.org/

      login: LabVIEW_Videos
      pw: LabVIEW

      login and password is case sensitive.

      if you are using Filezilla your site manager window will look like this.
      A big thank you to Dan Bosdech for recording the sessions on Thursday as I was attending a private all day session.
      Enjoy and let me know if there are any issues.
    • By Ed Dickens
      Since I haven't seen anything...
      Who's up for our annual Sunday evening gathering at The Gingerman?
    • By Cat
      Am I the last person on Earth to realize that NIWeek is moving to May in 2017?!?
      Clueless Cat
    • By Tomi Maila
      We recorded all JKI presentations and have made them available online. AI and deep learning with Javier Ruiz & Ian McFarlane, .NET integration and interface design with Sarah Zalusky, and Caraya unit testing with Jim Kring. Good stuff!
      Caraya: A New Take on LabVIEW Unit Testing - TS9754
      by Jim Kring
      Designing a LabVIEW Interface for .NET Applications - TS9757
      by Sarah Zalusky
      Artificial Intelligence With LabVIEW: Deep Learning-Based Classification and Control - TS9758
      by Javier Ruiz & Ian McFarlane
      Watch videos
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