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Oh and you already missed out on the early bird special...which there was about a 1 week window between being announced and closing.  One of the reasons I heard this change was coming, was because NI used to get deep discounts at the convention for going in the summer, but those discounts aren't there anymore.  That and people have been complaining about how hot it is.  

Still I think it will be weird for a few reasons.  The academics will be considerably lighter since...well school will still be in.  Professors will also likely not be able to get time off so attendance will be down for that group even more.  And what about What's New In LabVIEW 2017?  Is 2017 going to be released in May?  Usually there is a SP1 in February, is NI going to be able to push out a new full release (develop, review, document, beta test, etc) in time?  It'll probably be for the better in the long run, but I wouldn't be surprised if attendance is down this year.

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Well crud.  I was actually starting to schedule some stuff around NIWeek -- in August.  I've been telling the Big Boss if they send me, I might consider not retiring next year. ;)  But May would be hard to work in.

I have to agree about the heat, tho.  Austin in August is, umm, toasty.

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I expect there will be many people trying to sign up in July.

While it has been many years since I was able to attend NI Week, I still recall the display at the bank showing 99 degrees and 100% RH at 7am. It was an interesting experience stepping out of the hotel, sweating during the two block walk to the convention, then having all that sweat instantly freeze upon entering the convention hotel.

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