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Please see the above link to download the videos The NIWeek 2014 Videos are compressed and ready for down load from Tecnova's ftp server I would strongly recommend using an ftp client to tr

Now that Tomi M. has stopped posting to his blog, deep thought in the LV community is hard enough to find without hiding the CLA content for fear that we (non-CLA's) cannot untangle the meaning from t

Regarding the situation with information communicated under NDA or anything similar I think the vast majority of us are clear about this.  Unless you happen to also be under NDA (which I am) you legal

I managed to get a couple of videos this morning before my IP was blocked.... :unsure:


Now I get the "Connection not allowed from your IP" message every time I try to connect.


It's not my fault I was trying to download all Videos simultaneously over a 150Mb connection..... :P

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Thanks Mark for the recordings. This year was a lot harder for me to attend sessions.


I recorded my presentation slides and created a Unit Testing Group to continue the conversation.


I uploaded the recording, the pdf of the slides and see the demonstrations here:





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For those that have already downloaded all the 2014 videos I have recently added


14-8-11_06_Norman Kirchner_HALitosis Quit writing Abstraction Layers that Stink.avi


Apparently I missed it in my mad scramble to get the videos compressed and uploaded.


Also now that the server traffic has gone down slightly I've returned the 2012 and 2013 videos to the LabVIEW_Videos folder.



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Maybe it would be more practical to upload these to Youtube. It would allow you to have a higher resolution and would not put a load on the Tecnova FTP server. Mark, if you want, I can try helping with that.

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    • By Mark Balla
      Please see this link for Video downloads 
      The NIWeek 2017 Videos are uploaded to the ftp server.
      Please see this link for information on downloading the videos.

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